Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Night Music Club Week 2

I was looking for something with some cool sophistication to it, something to make me feel better, something that appealed to the music lover in me, so I found this in my collection...

Here's one that ranks in my top 50. Suave and capturing the feeling of 1976, pre disco music. For some reason, the memory I have of this is being with the ex wife at a drive in burger joint in Milan Il. Later, of course, I used this release as a fine "let's go back to the apartment" selection.

This CD is really the first time we heard what became Toto with the trio of Paich, Porcaro and Hungate getting a lot of time on this. David Paich also wrote a number of these songs. Also featured is session man Fred Tackett who went on to join Little Feat in the 80s. In a cameo role, one of my favorite underrated guitarists (Les Dudek) is featured.

Boz is nothing but class and this is one of the classiest releases of the 70s. With "What Can I Say" kicking it off, the cooler than cool "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle" on the same damn record along with "Harbor Lights" and "We're All Alone" and the very funky Allen Toussaint number "What Do You Want The Girl To Do", Boz was never better. This one brings back fine memories of a very unfine time....if ya know what I mean...

I met Boz at the Pageant and brought along this LP for him to sign.."For Randy, thanks for all the years.." is what he wrote. It's hanging in my office as we speak.


Mike A. said...

Damn your eyes, Raley. I just checked and Amazon has every single recorded track of his available.

Always been one if my favorites, especially We're All Alone.

Anonymous said...

Is Boz really cool sophistication? I don't know. I suppose it is when you consider it in the context of the mid 70s as the children of the 60s matured. The only other image option for mature rockers was the hippy gentry route - think Mick Fleetwood, blousy white shirts with no collars, maybe a vest, trimmed beards and a foppish hat. Perhaps we thought Boz Skaggs was cool at the time, but lets face it. His image is horribly dated. If his music holds up better, then bully for him, but he's not any cooler than Robert Palmer was in 1986.


RR said...

I couldn't agree more. Isn't it great how subjective music can be? I think Robert learned a lot from Boz. But, you are correct in saying that there was no one cooler than Robert Palmer. He would perform in an Armani suit and never sweat. Palmer was one of the classiest and coolest ever.

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