Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Road tunes..from Madison to Sheboygan to Fond Du Lac

A masterpiece, he was never better.

His best album ever.

Heard it on headphones all the way through...nice.

Leonard in Sheboygan

I was early for my five oclock appointment in Sheboygan. Myself, a consultant and a GM were supposed to talk biz. As I got to Nino's Steakhouse, I realized that this was one of those places frequented by the elder generation. Lots of smoke and I was informed that "the Masons met there" every Tuesday night. Damn, missed that. I decided to get a drink in the bar and took in the scenery as someone who looked like my aunt Velma took my request. I came upon this elderly gentleman who's duaghter was celebrating a birthday in the restaurant. I love old people. My mom and dad have been gone a long time, and those were the people (those of that age) that I used to hang with. His name was Leonard, and by God, he had lived in Sheboygan all of his life except the eight years he gave to his country. He was a gunner for the big planes that went to Europe in the big war. He was proud of his service but thinks the country is "really fucked up" right now. He doesn't understand why we are in Iraq. He has been married for fifty nine years and just celebrated his 82nd birthday. When I asked him how he made it this far, he said that he liked good beer and good times. He still likes to dance with his wife. "Not anywhere where anyone can see us." I bought Leonard a beer and made my way to my appointment. After dinner, I went back to say goodbye to Leonard. It was apparent that, indeed, Leonard liked beer. When I shook his hand, he gripped it with his other land, looked me in the eye and said "thanks for the chat." I saluted him and left. I will never see him again. I love old people.

Christopher Glenn

This guy has a voice from God. He is retiring at CBS News after being there for over 35 years. I can still hear his newscasts on KMOX and I always wondered what he looked like. I remember he used to do a bit on Saturday morning TV between cartoons that was aimed directly at young people. It was called "In The News" and that is when I first fell in love with his voice. Too bad (for me), it will be gone soon. Enjoy your retirement.

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