Saturday, July 30, 2005


Albums that got me through high school

I did a radio show on this once and it turned out to be very entertaining. You can tell how old I am when we talk about "The Recordings That Got Me Through High School"

1. Abbey Road/The Beatles..released in my first year. the first recording i ever played on cassette. wore it out.

2. Blue Oyster Cult/Blue Oyster Cult..turned more friends on to this..wall of sound heavy metal that rocked my world

3. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"/Elton..didn't come out til junior year, but i sure made up for lost time

4. Zoso/Led Zeppelin...four sticks..battle of evermore..when the levee, just played this one over and over

5. Blues Helping/Love relative was a junkie and turned me on to some nasty shit..uh, musically that is.. best blues guitar ever

6. Eat A Peach/Allman Brothers(the first time i heard"melissa" i was hooked.."blue sky", too)

7. The Captain and Me/Doobie Brothers...this had it all, cool pop tunes, love songs and crankers. loved them on "midnight special",too

8. Moody Blues/Every Good Boy Deserves Favor..late at night, when that mellotron kicks in under headphones

9. Argus/Wishbone rock at its finest..blowin free is on here. great twin guitar leads, tight band

10.Fragile/Yes..every time i heard this under headphones, i picked out something else.

Honorable mention
Levee Blues-Potliquor(it was late one night...)
Machine Head-Deep Purple(still, to this day, a great recording)
LA Woman-The Doors(saving their best for last)
Houses of the Holy-Led Zepelin(I know EVERY air drum lick to this release)
Sticky Fingers-Rolling Stones(their masterpiece..drunk, juiced up and sloppy never sounded so good)
Can't Buy A Thrill-Steely Dan(enthralling lyrics, these guys used to make me think. God help them.)
Chicago II-(Danny Seraphine was God's gift to drumming, Terry Kath and Peter Cetera never sounded better)
In The Court of the Crimson King-King Crimson(used to scare the shit out of me when I heard it on KAAY)

How bout chu?


Every once in a while, you see something that makes you go WTF?
Here are today's entries.

From the paper this morning... A Stoddard County Missouri man is suing the Union Pacific Railroad for damages after falling asleep on the tracks. This genius was walking along, became sleepy and then fell asleep on the TRAIN TRACKS!! A UPR train then hit the man, injuring him so badly that he had to have his legs amputated at the knees. I think the guy is lucky to be alive and should probably give the conductor money that he didn't get killed. Of course, I have never been that sleepy to fall asleep on TRAIN TRACKS!!!

Also according to the paper: State troopers were searching for a driver that hit a 2 year old boy on I70 near Kingdom City and then didn't stop. One question...what the hell was a 2 year old boy DOING on I70 anyway? He apparently lived a mile away and "wandered" on to the highway. How long does it take a todler to wander a mile? 45 minutes? an hour? What were the parents doing? Meth? The driver probably had no idea it hit a boy. On that section of I70, the driver probably thought they hit some kind of animal.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

J.C. Hall

I lost a friend seems I am at the age where those that I admire and respect as friends, co-workers, peers and fellow members of the Earth are starting to pass. J.C. Hall was a sweet, kind and very cool guy who, to me, was the definition of what an engineer was about. We would trade untitled CDs back and forth and would try to name the various KSHE classics that were on each one. We would talk about a seemingly better time in radio where the formats were more open and talk about where we came from and how we got to where we were. Damn it. I will miss him and I will say a prayer for his family and his family of man. They don't come better than J.C. Dude, it was "Seasons" by Lynryd Skynyrd. I am in mourning and I will miss him greatly. Rock on, J.C. I miss you already.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My favorite songs about summer

It's hot one and I thought I would post my top ten songs about summer..
"Hot Fun In The Summertime"-Sly and the Family Stone
"Hot Summer Nights"-Walter Egan
"Summer In The City"-Lovin Spoonful
"Summer Rain"-Johnny Rivers
"First Day of Summer"-Tony Carey
"Summertime"-Gershwin (version by Love Sculpture or Janis Joplin)
"Summer Breeze"-Seals and Crofts
"Indian Summer"-Poco

honorable mention
"All Summer Long"-Beach Boys
"4th of July(Sandy)"-Bruce Springsteen
"Summer Sun"-Shooting Star
"Dancin in The Moonlight"-Thin Lizzy

Feel free to add yours...
have a cool libation for me

Monday, July 25, 2005

The five best guitar players you have never heard of...

but you should.
Let's try these.
Les Dudek (he did the solo on the Allman Bros. "Ramblin Man")
Tommy Bolin (played with Deep Purple and The James Gang) from Sioux City Iowa passed away in 1976."Teaser" is a masterpice. ONE AWESOME CAT!
Rory Gallagher probably the best musician from Ireland (with apologies to U2 and Van Morrison)passed in 1995.
Roy Buchanan He played the saddest guitar ever, passed in 1988, the end of a troubled life.
Lee Ritenour
I have been listening to him since "Captain Fingers" in 1975. Awesome fusion player.

Honorable mention goes to
Al DiMeola
and John McLaughlin

who did i miss?

Radio in the new century

Sunday, July 24, 2005

R.I.P-Long John Baldry

British-born blues singer "Long John" Baldry" died aged 64 after fighting a chest infection for four months. Born John William Baldry, he passed away at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Baldry - whose only UK number one came in 1967 with Let The Heartaches Begin - was a friend of Paul McCartney and inspired Eric Clapton to play guitar. He also performed with Rod Stewart and Elton John before a Grammy nomination in 1998 for narration work with Disney. Founding father Baldry - who leaves behind siblings Margaret and Roger, as well as long-time friend and partner Felix "Oz" Rexach - started his career playing folk and jazz in the 1950s. He became one of the founding fathers of British Rock 'n' Roll in the 1960s and appeared at The Cavern in Liverpool, becoming friends with McCartney. Baldry was invited to perform on the Beatles' internationally televised special "Around the Beatles" in 1964, along with P J Proby and Cilla Black. He performed with influential British bands Blues Incorporated, and Cyril Davies' R&B All Stars in the 60s. Later, he fronted the Hoochie Coochie Men, which included Rod Stewart, who later joined Baldry in Steam Packet, also featuring keyboardist Brian Auger and singer Julie Driscoll. After a brief period with Bluesology, which featured Elton John on keyboards, Baldry went solo. With production assistance from Rod Stewart and Elton John, he recorded the album, It Ain't Easy, for Warner Bros. featuring his signature song "Don't try to Lay no Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock n' Roll." After emigrating to Canada in the early 1980s, he recorded for EMI Music Canada, and since 1991 recorded five albums for Stony Plain Records in Edmonton, Alberta. The label is set to re-release Baldry's Warner Bros. albums, It Ain't Easy and Everything Stops for Tea, in the autumn. Since the early 1990s,he was also known in Canada for his extensive voice work in commercials.
He also narrated on Winnie The Pooh recordings for Disney and was the voice for Robotnik on the popular Sonic The Hedgehog computer game-from the BBC

Breaking the sound barrier in pictures

Hello Everyone,
A few years ago my friend Tom told me about a painting of a jet breaking the sound barrier. At the time I couldn't find this painting and wrote it off as "an artist's imagination". I download thousands of photos and I've run across a few photo's of this event. This phenomena only happens at the instant an aircraft breaks the sound barrier and it literally looks like the aircraft goes through a wall. I hope you find these pictures interesting.

thanks karl

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