Thursday, February 01, 2007

Women Left Off The List

A couple of posts down, listed the top 100 hottest women on the planet, but I think they left some women off. Hey, beauty is subjective, but as a conissuer of fine women, here are some that I think were left off the list....

Kristin Chenoweth. This gal can sing, dance and looks awesome in a bathing suit. She's about 5 feet tall, so good things do come in small packages.

The only reason I watch Gilmour Girls is because of Lauren Graham. Solid, quiet beauty.

Rose McGowan is hot. Points are taken away because she dated Marilyn Manson. Points added because she is dating Al Pacino.

So, your turn. Leave your nominations on the comment bar. Love to see them.

On The Backs Of American Consumers.....

Exxon posts record U.S. corp earnings
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM.N: Quote, Profile , Research) reported a slight decline in fourth-quarter earnings Thursday due to lower natural gas prices and shrinking profits from gasoline sales.

Still, the company recorded the most profitable year in U.S. corporate history, with 2006 earnings totaling $39.5 billion.

Net income in the fourth quarter slipped to $10.25 billion, or $1.76 a share, from $10.71 billion, or $1.71 a share, a year earlier.

Excluding one-time items, Exxon Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded company, earned $1.69 a share.

The average earnings forecast of analysts polled by Reuters Estimates was $1.51 a share.

Revenue in the quarter fell 9.4 percent to $90.03 billion.

Earnings from exploration and production activities were $6.22 billion, down $818 million from a year earlier due to the natural gas price drop and decreased volumes driven by lower demand in Europe.

Earnings from refining and marketing operations totaled $1.86 billion, down $430 million due to lower margins.

Oil prices in the fourth quarter dropped from the record levels hit in July but were still robust, hovering around $60 a barrel -- roughly in line with year-earlier levels.

Natural gas prices, on the other hand, were sharply lower than in 2005. According to Reuters data, the average U.S. natural gas price was about $6.61 per million British thermal unit in the fourth quarter, down from $12.77 a year earlier.

Since the end of the 2006 third quarter, Exxon Mobil shares are up 10.4 percent, outperforming the Chicago Board Options Exchange's oil index, which has risen 8.8 percent.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ask Men's List of Top 100 Hotties

Number five with the judges, number one with me.

No way that number one is right. I only knew 33 of these women.

Some observations...Diane Lane is only number 98? Recount!!

Number 2

Why the hell is Fergie even on this list? She's greasy.
Mandy Moore is 53, that ain't right.
Chistina Aguliara is only 35? WTF? Natalie Portman is higher? NO NO NO

Number 3

Lindsay Lohan? 50? Ew.
Jessica Simpson is number 21. Kate Beckisale is 16? Get a sandwich.

I didn't know #4.

Here's the list. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Couple Of Things That Are Unrelated

I really watch what I eat. I try to keep the weight at a certain level. There are certain things that I literally can eat enough of to make me puke.

Exhibit A Cashews

I can eat these undtil I throw up. My grandmother used to call them "butter nuts." I understand why. Maybe the best food on the planet. I am addicted to these like real bad

Exhibit B Buffalo Chicken Wings
I first ate these at The Landing in Washington Missouri while playing charity softball circa 1992. The locals invited us over and introduced me to this incredible culinary delight. That night alone, I must have had 12 pounds of them. Anywhere, anytime. The Key West Restaurant at Union Station in St. Louis has the best chicken wings (or it could have been the excellent margaritas). Now looking for good wings in Nashville.

This man should not be playing football. Let alone the Superbowl. Gangstas and thugs. Getting old. He was arrested for weapons by basically having a whole bedroom of guns and his bodyguard was murdered a month or so ago.
That's a good role model. The face of the NFL?

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Posting Of Links

Eight GREAT dominoes videos (I love these)

Two structural engineers name their top ten man made wonders

The top 50 cover songs of all time. Any list with Hendrix as number one is OK in my book.

Ten videos about people driving in winter. Go ahead laugh. At least it isn't you.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down

First time going to church in Nashville. It must be indicitive of the neighborhood I live in but I swear I was the only person in the church that spoke English. The church down the street has a sign that says "Jesus did't speak English either". WTF? Of course he didn't, he didn't live in America. Duh. That sign just bugs me and I am not sure why. Lovely service, though. I certainly feel closer to God on Sunday.

We did a promotion with the Nashville Zoo yesterday. They had the "Zoo Run Run" to the tune of "Da Doo Run Run". They were expecting 400 runners, they cut off the registration at 1,200. I love it when radio can deliver like that. It reminds me of the old days.

I have basic cable now and I couldn't be happier. YAY!

College Basketball is now in full swing and of course, my teams suck. Mizzou seems to be getting off the mat and Iowa is...well, Iowa. Vanderbilt has been a big surprise and it's hard for me to believe this is a great team after I witnessed them lose to Furman.

Please, NFL, can we stop this nonstop taunting and showboating? Reggie Bush scored a touchdown while taunting Brian Urlacher. Let me get this're a rookie (albeit a talented one) and you're taunting Urlacher? The NFL fined him 5K which is like fining me $5. It's getting hard to watch with all the woofing that is going down. Let's stop it now.
Speaking of Reggie Bush, apparently he has been caught accepting goodies while at Southern Cal. Surprise! Not really but who will be punished if he is found guilty? Not him. SoCal will be. And that's a shame.

Love the new commercial where the father is calling and text messaging his kids at the table to the point where his wife takes it away from him. Very funny.

I saw an interview with Bob Seger today. Bob has always been the epitome of cool for me, a guy that I always admired, respected and followed with a great deal of interest. His show in Nashville was OK, but it is clear he is a shadow of what he once was. It was an interesting interview and my respcect for him is intact. He quit the music business to watch his kids go through their formative years. Good for him.
He still looks like my grandfather though; after all, sweet sixteen's turned sixty-one.

I had the best show of my short career in Nashville on Friday. Starting to get comfortable is helping but I have approached this show as a tree. Start with the basics and the trunk, slowly but surely, add more branches to the mix and hopefully, by spring this will be a "show" and not a shift. I think radio still has a lot to offer locally and personality wise. My thanks to Al Brock (the guy with the holes in his sock) for understanding and helping me realize what I want to do. It's his vison also.

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