Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Return To My Youth

How many brain cells did I lose to Mad Magazine? Spy vs. Spy? Don Martin?

How cool is this? Every Mad Magazine on DVD-ROM.
Is it too early to ask for this on my birthday?
Here's where.


I see by the date of my last post that I have not posted since the first day of the new year. Not having internet access (or a computer) at the shithole er..I mean apartment will do that to you. So far, I find Nashville to be a very interesting city. Rents are through the roof but, so far, I think this will be a good move. We are building a pretty damn good radio station. I work for a guy that actually listens to what I have to say and the station is really stating to sound like a decent sounding station. We are not there yet, but when the first song of my shift yesterday is "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"
(my favorite Billy Joel song), I know that we are on our way. I have rented a place in Nashville that is in the basement of a house in a neighborhood that has "character". It is an interesting life, I must admit. The woman who has the house is a very sweet woman who made sure I had a toaster and some extra pillows. But, yesterday at the break of dawn, her dog started howling at the top of it's lungs... this shall not continue. Basic cable in Nashville is definately basic, that's for sure. NO CNN, three CSpan channels, two religious networks, a shop at home network and three public TV outlets. I can get ESPN but just barely, the picture is very fuzzy.
The over the air broadcast channels, and that's it. I am in the process of purchasing a used computer there so I will be able to be connected to the world once again. It's just a place to sleep, shower and shit, but I hope it becomes more "home" than it is now. Oh well.
Got to meet Tim Wilson the other day.
Tim is one of my favorite comedians and it was nice to interview him. He seems to be a decent guy after having to do his dog and pony show all day long.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Brush With Greatness eleven

Sammy Hagar, that dude has the whitest teeth of anyone I have ever seen.
Me, D-R-U-N-K. KSHE birthday party 1998

Movie Review times two

New Year's Eve (and Day) are always good for getting caught up on the movie watching. Here are some recommendations:

Loved it. That's about it. I thought it was funny, touching and the ending came from left field. I can really appreciate the characters in this movie and could feel the frustration of Greg Kinnear as he tries so very hard to keep it all together for the love of his family while chasing his own dream. All of the characters were well done. Alan Arkin was superb, Steve Carrell was understated in a role that gave me a new appreciation for what he has done. The family (especially Olive) were put together with a lot of thought and care. The ending was a total surprise but with Alan Arkin's character, not to be unexpected. It kept my attention and I laughed out loud at a couple of the scenes (not easy for me to do). An excellent movie and maybe one of the best I have seen this year.
4.25 popcorns out of five.

I am probably what most conservatives would call a "liberal". I don't see myself that way, although, I do tend to gravitate a little left of center...but don't get me started on how we have fucked Mother Earth so many times. If half the shit in this movie is true my daughter's generation will hate us till the day they die. And with good reason. We haven't been "caretakers", we have been serious abusers of this planet. I grew up on farm and it is there that I discovered a need to leave this Earth in better shape than we found it. Good luck with that. Why oh why didn't we see THIS Al Gore during the 2000 election? Witty, funny at some times and downright on target with his message. Kids, look around, if we don't regain some form of "conservation", the human race is done. It's that simple. An excellent movie well done with an excellent message. Four popcorns out of five

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a great 2007. After one of the shittiest six month stretches imaginable(I have had worse, for sure), I hope to be having a great 2007. My solid hope and prayer is that my radio friends will find great employment opportunities in fields that at least interest them. I move into my new place tomorrow. A routine is all I ask.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Chiefs? In the playoffs? The Chiefs? Wha? Wow, how about that sports fans? My team (has been since I won 3 bucks from my grandfather over the Super Bowl 37 years ago) has broken my heart and made me openly weep through the years has a eecent chance against the Colts. Give the ball to LJ, play after play. That's it. let him run it. Prediction: Colts 35 Chiefs 27. KC still needs to upgrade on defense.
Thanks for all kind wishes and good karma. It has meant a lot.

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