Saturday, January 20, 2007

Movie Review "The Good Shepherd"

No, no , not THAT Good Shepherd, THIS one....

Basically, the story of the guy who "founded" the CIA and his distance from everyone in his life. Matt Damon has never been better and his performance made me think twice about his career. Angelina Jolie, while one of the world's most beautiful women, was miscast in this movie. Maybe it's me, but I don't believe that she can transport those looks back 50 years. It works on the rest of the cast, but she looks too "modern". She has a modern look about her and I don't think all of the wardrobes or make up will change it. Other than that, excellent story, great acting and awesome direction by Robert DeNiro. The ending is a twist that you can see coming, but only if you are looking in that direction. A three hour movie that went by in 20 minutes. I like those. Loved the woman who played "Laura". I need to find out who that was. 4.5 popcorns out of five.


I know, I know. It's been almost two weeks. I haven't had bloggers block like this since I started over a year and a half ago. As you can probably guess, alot has happened. I am really starting to dig Nashvegas, Nashburg, Nashboro, whatever the hell it is called. I am also starting to really get into the imaging job. I think we have some funny, creative stuff on the air now, and I am just getting started.

I drive by here every day. Roy Orbison is in my top ten when it comes to singers.

This is where I live. I have a small apartment in the basement. I really am very blessed to be a part of the business again after what will be thirty one years in May. My father retired after thrity years in the shop. Retiring is NOT an option with Emily being accepted at a number of colleges.


Mike Anderson runs a website that deals with the St. Louis media. He does a great job and it's arguably the best of it's kind. The link to it is in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Mike is an old dog. That is a compliment to guys like Mike and me who grew up on radio in another time, another place. The guys I listenied to on the radio were NEVER crude, obnoxious or obscene. Heck, they were the "Good Guys". Radio has come a long way since the days of guys being funny because they, eh funny. With the recent death in Sacramento of a listener who died participating in a radio stunt Mike's take is absolutely spot on...

"The pundits have spoken ... radio consultants, tv commentators and the occasional rogue air personalities interviewed in various media seem to agree that the Age of Shock Jocks/Stunt Boys is over and done with. And not a second too soon. The Entercom/Sacramento listener-killing seems to have been the tipping point. You've read the stories, heard the audio, seen the commentary...isn't it about time that radio returned to Common Decency in programming? I hate the word, but maybe it's time for radio to become "pro-active", take the initiative and clean up our collective acts. There is no longer any room in the industry for ignorant or short-sighted management with only real estate or auto sales experience on their resumé and the listeners will be expressing their sentiments in the ratings.
My suggestion to The Consolidators: there are a bunch of experienced managers, programmers and air talents sitting on the beach (men and women you have tossed aside because they cost too much), available for your phone call. They may smile and happily return to work; they may also tell you to pound sand, and who would blame them? But these are the guys who can resurrect your failing operations. God knows you can use the help and guidance."

Could not have said it better, Mike. I try to run an entertaining show filled with wit, humour, intelligence, style and class. Double entendre`s? Yes. Blue humour? Once in a while. Obscene? Never. I hope to build something in Nashville I can be proud of.

Speaking of media websites, Nashville has one, too. Not done nearly as well as Mike's, but a place where people can anonymously leave messages about the media. I made it last week. The quote was..."RQQ - One question, who is mr rodgers in the afternoon. its now a "rock" station and he talks at you like he's mr rodgers" left by a guy who calls himself "GETALIFELOSERS". My response was to say that I don't think old Fred ever used the word "pissy" in a discussion. I might be wrong.
To each his own.

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