Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blender’s list of the 50 Dumbest Rock Star Purchases

See the list here.

Er...uh..I'm jes' sayin...

It looks like wha?
This aerial photo taken from the Polk County assessor’s Web page shows the city of Des Moines’ detention basin at 2617 Easton Blvd. The basin, constructed about two years ago, helps prevent flooding, according to Des Moines City Engineer Jeb Brewer.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Brush With Greatness Part Ten

I think you know who these guys are...Taken in 1990 backstage at Kemper Arena in KC.


Kudos to the Kids and other crap I am thinking about

Paul has been accepted to Aeronautical Engineering School. We are talking NASA here. Not just aerospace but aeronautics. He has also embarked on his first solo road trip to the east coast. He will be doing a service project for Notre Dame over the summer. Get this...he will be building a back yard while living in the house owned by some hot shot stock market executive in Fairfield Ct. He has the house by himself each weekend while these guys go to "Cape Cod". Tough project huh? I think my summer projects always included detassling corn and bugs the size of your head. It's not rocket science...oh, wait it is!

Emily has earned excellent grades her final semester of junior year. A 3.75 for the semester, nice job. She is slowly stepping away, I think we can all feel it. She is not long for this house.

Jess is hopefully getting her feet underneath her and getting settled to what life is like after college. I apologize in advance for the numerous panic attacks and the feeling of terror that she is about to experience.

The job front remains static. I have declined some things due to the fact that they just won't work and I am not that interested. It HAS to be the right move and I am sure it will come along. I have prayed about it a great deal. God will send me where God wants me to go. I would like to go southwest of here, but only time will tell.

Tivo Time

The Deadliest Catch.

This has been my favorite TV show lately. I have seen all of the shows and now I am watching them in reruns. I will set up my season pass to make sure I don't miss any more. This is the story of a group of crab boats that fish for Alaskan King Crab north of the Bering Strait. I guess I watch this because this looks like a challenging way to make some serious dough. I actually thought I might like to do this until the narrator said that the guys were up for 36 hours straight catching crab. I am too old for that.


This show looks like it may have some promise. A group of friends win a huge sum of money in the lottery and we get to watch as (apparently) their lives change much more than we can imagine. I have a season pass all set up. I will watch the first show tonight and report. I hope NBC doesn't screw it up. The first show has promise, although I am the only one in the family who thinks so. I have taken the bait and I will report how this goes. Another interesting show, may be too many plot lines though, we will see.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Friend Bill Page

I found out I lost another friend today. When Bill Page was in the news department at KBOA in Kennett, he routinely told me how happy he was. He was being paid a pretty nice salary and in return, Bill gave them his heart and soul. During the tornados that touched down in Caruthersville, Bill did a 36 hour shift. He thought it was what newsmen did. Shortly after that, he was fired for "budgetary reasons". He was heartbroken and emailed me to say so. (See a previous post)He decided to become a police dispatcher and emailed me a couple of weeks ago to tell me how much he liked his new job, he missed radio. I only met Bill twice. Once at the MBA in Kansas City (he won a bunch of times) and once in Kennett at the station. He died yesterday. Whatever the cause was, Bill died of a broken heart more than anything else. It immediately reminded me of the story about Coach "Bear" Bryant of Alabama, who coached the tide forever and finally when he retired, he died. Bill was a professional newsman. I think he would like to have been known like that.
Here is the announcement of Bill's death in the local paper.

Phoebe Cates

The picture on the left was taken in 1989. The one on the right, at the premeire of "A Prairie Home Companion", held over the weekend. We dig Kevin Kline at our house (a was a graduate of Priory)and apparently, life is treating him well, too.
She looks basically the same. Beautiful woman, always has been.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two Types of Yoga

I love yoga..

Redneck Yoga..

Ouch, this one hurts.

Rest in Peace Billy Preston. How cool were you? You got the chance to jam with the Beatles on the rooftop. You got to be the "fifth Beatle." You did that amazing keyboard in "Get Back". You were the only person other than the Beatles to get a credit on their records. As I sit here listening to "Outa Space" (a #2 song in July of 1972, "Lean On Me was number one.), I say a prayer for your family. Apparently, you've been in a coma for awhile. Thank you for your music, your smile and that very very cool afro.

He seemed to me to be a very happy guy, it looked like he smiled a lot. Apparently, he had many battles with the demons that we all face.

Billy Preston was 59.

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