Friday, September 02, 2005

Musical Mulligans

A friend of mine and I had a conversation earlier this year about musical mulligans, you know, people that you like listening to that your friends give you a free pass on. I have two. Neil Diamond. Sorry, but I thought this guy had it all from "Cherry, Cherry" (I was 11 when that song came out and I thought there was some sexual reference there..stupid kid) all the way to "Do You Know What I Mean" in 1975. The rest of his stuff since then has been tripe. Just take a look at the cover of "Hot August Night".
I wanted to look like that. I missed. John Denver.
First off, I DID look like him in high school. The first time I heard "Take Me Home Country Roads", I liked him. "Rocky Mountain High" was on the radio the night of my first sexual experience with the woman who turned out to be my first wife. "Poems, Prayers, and Promises" is just one of the best songs, ever. Sorry to hear that he faced huge demons later in his life, and sadly, is no longer here. When I would go the my favorte record store and pick up the latest by Led Zeppilin or Blue Oyster Cult or Deep Purple or Sabbath or whatever, there was probably a Neil Diamond or John Denver album on the bottom, you sure didn't want your friends to see it.

It's Been One Of Those Weeks

Not a good week at the Raley ranch. I think that I have been witnessing "Katrina overload". It is horrifying to see what has happened there. Whatever your political persuations, this is a country consisting all of us. The government (local, state and national) have let those people down. New Orleans has never been a city that was noted for it's easiness to navigate by car, so a lot of those people didn't have one. A lot of them couldn't get out. They are stuck. It is just really deflating to see that our priorities are elsewhere and not in taking care of our own. In the beatitudes, it talks about "...blessed are the poor, blessed are the meek, blessed are the peacemakers.." and funny, that's not what this country is about. This country has turned into "I got mine, screw you if you don't." I hope we wake up. I found out earlier that my brother in laws partner has lymphoma. I am saddened. These guys have been together longer than anyone else in the family. (some threat to marriage, huh?). He is a wonderful man and I am praying very hard for him to be OK. I wrecked my car in KC on Wednesday night at an intersection that I have been through 100 times. It's a dangerous interesection and I should have known better. The girl that hit me is 19 and she was frightened. She reminded me of my own daughter. So, for the last two days, I have been dealing with wrecking a car in one city and living in another. Not fun. But, at least I don't live in New Orleans.

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