Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another Old Gas Station

Another One Hit Wonder

Chi Coltrane was hot. That's all a sixteen year old needed. The song was great, too.
Of course, being sixteen, there was only one thing she was talking about in this song, right?

How About Some Superbowl Commercials?

One of my favorites...


Busch Creative rules...

Who Knew He'd Be The Sane One?

Pure Dave


New Coke, what a great idea!

So Much To Say Without Words

Funniest Woman On The Planet


Mail Time!

In a previous post, I talked about shipping a bunch of my old CDs off to faraway places. With the shitty dollar, I am getting a lot of action from over seas. Here are the places I am sending stuff to today.Shipley, Bradford West Yorkshire, Great Britain (if you'll notice, its a suburb of Leeds; home of one of the loudest most obnoxious live albums ever "Live at Leeds" by the Who)

Woronora, New South Wales, Austraila

Thanks for attending Geography 101.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

For My "Seasoned" Radio Friends

For all of you who worked with the Gates stuff, it was indestructable and reliable as the day is long.

Just a half a turn back and it would be up to speed in no time, can you say "slip cue"?

You didn't "upgrade" you repaired.

Thanks Mr. Gates.


I have never understood how this guy got to be where he is. It must be an east coast thing.

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