Friday, February 10, 2012


I think THIS dude should play me in the original HBO series.
 I've been asked, (no, told) to write it all down. I'm not getting any younger and the memory synapses don't synapse much anymore.

I've led an interesting life.

One filled with incredible sadness and incredible joy. I've loved, been loved and have seen a career sky rocket and fall back down to earth. It's been a royal and fun journey and while I can still remember some of it, I thought now was the time to seriously get going on "the book".
I've met Presidents, rock royalty and reached out to hopefully thousands of listeners along the way, some who have made an indelible mark on my life.

If this sounds a little narcissistic, that's OK. It is.

But, who better to talk about a farm kid, growing up in the middle of nowhere with an alcoholic mother and a very removed father who found his calling through the radio and made his name, fame and fortune telling stories that wove through the fabric of the music? No one I know of. The stories forth coming are they way I remember them. Whether that's the way it came down or not may be interpreted through debate but not here.

I have dated beautiful women and have had some interesting tales about what it was like to be the number one jock on the number one radio station in three different cities spanning the 30 golden years of rock radio.

I will practice here, in front of people who are acquaintances, people who know me, people who were there and the people I'm writing about. This is a writing exercise that will be mostly the way it happened.

There might be a few instances where the truth has been stretched a bit to tell a good story. It is up to you, dear reader, to figure out where those parts are.

So, with great homage to WKRP in Cincinnati (who could only go so far on network TV) and hopefully working toward a Showtime or Cinemax series (sex, drugs and rock and roll baby), we'll put the book up for trial here, then see what the reaction is.

Again, 90% of this story is true.

My kids have been warned.

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