Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Down, A Hundred To Go

You go, girl

The RIAA has lost its lawsuit against Tanya Andersen, a disabled single mother, and have been ordered to pay her court costs of $107,951. But the good news keeps on coming: Ms Andersen is now countersuing for damages arising from her having to defend the suit.
"Well, Phase I of the RIAA's misguided pursuit of an innocent, disabled Oregon woman, Atlantic v. Andersen, has finally drawn to a close, as the RIAA was forced to pay Ms. Andersen $107,951, representing the amount of her attorneys fee judgment plus interest. But as some have pointed out, reimbursement for legal fees doesn't compensate Ms. Andersen for the other damages she's sustained. And that's where Phase II comes in, Andersen v. Atlantic. There the shoe is on the other foot, and Tanya is one doing the hunting, as she pursues the record companies and their running dogs for malicious prosecution. Should be interesting."

Do This, Don't Do That..Can't You Read The Sign?

Back In The Saddle Again

After almost four solid months of not exercising, I got the green light to work on this gut I have developed from not being able to metabolize my food like I used to. Starting Monday, I will join the gym that I have picked out in B/N. It has two facilities, one close to the apartment and one close to work. Before I can play basketball, I need to get into "basketball shape". I am literally starting over, I have no wind and I am fat. I plan on a regimen that will get me back in shape for basketball by October 15th. I have miles and miles to go. Of course, the blog is a great way for me to keep track of how much and when. I will weigh myself on Monday and repotrt back. Ugh, it won't be pretty. Wish me luck....

Hell Hath NO Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Reasons number 1,200-1,210 Not to do it.

A Lesson Well Learned

I went into a client's business on Friday and immediately had my ass handed to me on a platter. I made a critical error when it comes to meeting with a large client for the first time. I didn't do my homework. I had a huge proposal lined up with an opportunity for that client to own our airwaves for most of the winter months. All we wanted was something in trade. Granted, it was large, but the proposal I submiuted was large on our end too. She was busy and only had time for a minute. Uh oh, first bad sign. I laid out my promotion and was immediately handed my tush on a platter. "What in the hell made you think you could waltz in here and tell me how my business is when I have never met you before? You look and smell like some California hustler in here to take my money and I don't appreciate it. Where are you from? St. Louis! Let me tell you something city slicker, you'll never get anywhere in this town with an attitude like that. St. Louis, huh? I'll just bet that you're going to vote for that Muslim son of a bitch who's the anti-Christ too, huh? If he gets elected, my business and half the businesses in this town will shut down because he wants to tax us even more. He's worse than the boy governor of this state and that's saying something..." Anyway, this went on for a while and I explained I used to be a rider and was maybe looking to get back on a bike again; that I had never even been to Califonia, I grew up on a farm in one of the most conservative parts of the country and I was somewhat offened by that remark. All I was guilty of was coming in there with a proposal that was too ambitious for her or her business. That's a huge mistake in my business. I didn't know my client well enough and just thought the proposal was too good to pass up. ERRRR, wrong answer. Things calmed down and I left with the opportunity to earn her trust and respect and through all that, I got a nice Tshirt. Situation went downhill fast when I got there, but just at the right time, I pulled the plane from a nose dive and landed at the nearest airport. A negative was turned into a somewhat positive situation.

All I could do was laugh about it when I got back to the office. We'll hit it all again on Monday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another One Hit Wonder

From 1977, these guys were the answer to the Stones, no, wait..Aerosmith, um. Anyway, I always liked this song and have been known to play it on the air a couple of times. apparently, they are still playing. I wonder if they are doing Colosseum Rock?

Whoops, just found this from 2007...what the hell happened to the lead singer, did he get swallowed?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Week

It started on Sunday, when I lectored at church, reading about the apostle Peter and his tribulations while walking on the water. It seems that Jesus, while performing the magical feat of walking on the water, told the doubted Peter that he, too, could do it if he had the faith. Peter set out across the water, but when his faith slipped, he fell into the water. At this time, Jesus talked about Peter.."oh ye of little faith". I got it. Jesus took Peter outside his comfort zone, and tested his faith, which is where I am right now. I am outside my comfort zone, sent here by a higher force. Then the news about Bernie Mac surfaced. Dead at 50. That ain't right. Then, when I heard about Isaac Hayes, I was truly stunned. One of the cassettes that my brother brought home from Vietnam was "Hot Buttered Soul". It had a certain smell to the cassette (maybe it was the plastic or whatever, but I know that smell anywhere) and it was one of my first exposures to the guy who brought us the "Theme From Shaft". He was one of the baddest muffuggahs on the planet. Man, Isaac was supercool. One of the first guys to shave his head, he pulled it off with style and grace.

Hey, Michael Phelps, go, man, go. Win them all, bro.

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