Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Tim Russert was a welcome guest in my house every Sunday morning. Even staying up after Route 66, I still got up to see Tim at 8 oclock. I couldn't believe it and couldn't believe how the whole thing played out. How this dominated every outlet, how poised and collected his boy was and the rainbow was cool, huh? I don't know who will replace him but no one can. Died on the job and apparently pretty quickly. That works.

Jim McKay was another great voice from my youth. From cliff diving, or bowling or bocce ball, ABC's Wide World of Sports was a Saturday afternoon treasure. On the days when you weren't out; something different, strange or bizarre was on WWS, Jim always made you think and feel he was as excited as possible. His broadcasting skills were impeccable and he was always what I wanted to be as a broadcaster. The Olympics will never be the same...."they're gone, they're all gone.."

Charlie Jones was in my house a lot as a kid. I lived in either Ava, Mo. or the Quad Cities while growing up. For the NFL, it was The Cardinals or The Bears, but in the AFL, it could be the Buffalo Bills, The Chargers, Chiefs or Broncos. Charlie would call that game. Charlie's on the right in the picture and once again, he died of a massive heart attack and was dead quickly. He was 78.

here's Charlie's story

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