Saturday, August 06, 2005

Boz Scaggs

The interesting thing about blogging is that I get to ruminate on a number of different things. This is a very awesome thing to me. I also get to post about musicians who have affected my life more than others and in the future I will periodically post about those people. Today, I would just lke to say what a cool guy I think Boz Scaggs is. I have been listening to him since the first time I heard "Loan Me A Dime" on KSHE a hundred years ago. From "Dinah Flo" on, he really got me with "Silk Degrees" released in 1976. I thought that "Lowdown" was (and is) one of the classiest top 40 sings ever. And any release with "Lido Shuffle" belongs in anyone's top ten. He came back in 1980 with the love theme from "Urban Cowboy" ("Girl, What You Done For Me") that was used very tactfully in the film. One of the best concerts I have seen in the last ten years was his performance at The Pageant in St. Louis. It also helps that he is a very nice cat. I told him backstage what a fan I was, and he signed a very nice greeting on my "Silk Degrees" LP. That kind of stuff means a lot to me. If there is ever a Boz Scaggs fanclub, sign me up.

Friday, August 05, 2005

My top five Marvin Gaye songs...

I had the Ipod crankin today and I heard Marvin Gaye. To me, this guy had the voice of an angel. I thought I would list my favorite stuff...
1. "What's Goin On"
2. "Mercy Mercy Me"
3. "I Want You"
4. "Troubleman"
5. "Ain't No Mountian High Enough"
That's just me though...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blue Highways

I love travelling the blue highway, you know, the ones that have a 32 or 17 for a number. It's really not an impressive number when you think about it. Kind of random, so to speak. Not much is stately about 8, or 5, for that matter. Those numbers don't hold the prestige of , say, or 55! No, these are the roads that take you through Bixby, Success and, let's see, do I want to go to Houston or Licking? OK, let's go through Licking. The roads, where every once in awhile, you could time it to where your stomach gets caught in your throat for I started in Farmington at 4:15 pm and arrived in Joplin at a bit before nine. Not bad at all for taking the "blue highways" most of the way

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I am absolutely addicted to nuts. Cashews, particularly. I remember the nights when I would get off of the radio at 12 midnight, get a can of cashews and a six pack of Mtn. Dew and polish them off. I was a MUCH younger man. I remember specifically a show late night on WTBS that would feature Bill Tush doing the news or a take off on it, did the news in a gorilla suit if I remember. Cashews. Love em.

Is there any guess who the best pitcher in baseball is right now? I saw a survey on ESPN (Eastern SPorts Network) a week or so ago that wondered who the best pitcher in baseball was. Your nominees were...Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera(WTF?), Dontrelle Willis or Roy Halladay. Puhleese. Chris Carpenter reminds me of Bob Gibson. He doesn't have Gibson's speed but pitches a game in under 2:30 and justs mows the other guys down. He's 16-4 unbelievable!

Speaking of that...If you have a cell phone and you sit behind home plate, you are entitled to ONE wave. That's all. Thank you.

There are a lot of trucks on the road. An unbelievable amount of rucks. It's getting real dangerous on the interstate. My job allows me to take the back roads alot but, tonight on I70, there were trucks as far as the eye could see. Although, I would give anything to learn how to drive one, and see what they look like on the inside. Some of those cabs are almost the size of a small apartment. How sweet would that be to tool around the country in. But, there sure are a lot of them out there. Let's be careful.







Monday, August 01, 2005

Maia Sharp

I'm in love, again. Hasn't happened to me this bad since Allison Krauss. Her name is Maia Sharp and she is all a man could ever ask for. From "Red Dress" to "Come Back to Me", this woman rocks. Her CD is "Fine Upstanding Citizen" and it's real good. Real good.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Stones Release

September 6th will see the release of The Rolling Stones first studio CD in eight years entitled “A Bigger Bang”.But where did they come up with the title?In a recently released statement, the group said, “While in the studio recording the album last year, the band came up with the title ‘A Bigger Bang,’ reflecting their fascination with the scientific theory about the origin of the universe. The new CD will feature sixteen songs including “Rough Justice” and “Streets of Love.” In addition, Keith Richards actually sings on two tracks, “This Place is Empty” and “Infamy.”Their last album, “Bridges to Babylon,” was released back in 1997.The Stones will begin their world tour at Boston’s Fenway Park on August 21st

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