Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ipod Shuffle

Hit the treadmill today at the Y. Sat in the steam/sauna for about an hour. It was a great ending to a Saturday afternoon, almost made me want to take advantage of this coupon from Papa Johns. Errr, probably wouldn't help much. While on the old treadmill, here's what the Ipod spit out:

"Phoenix"-Dan Fogelberg
"I Just Keep Falling In Love"-Steve Goodman
"Sinful Love"-Blue Oyster Cult
"One More Tomorrow"-Henry Gross
"Talk To The Lawyer"-David Lindley
"Empty Table"-Frank Sinatra (shaddup!)
"Theme In "A"-Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys
"Heavy Music"-Bob Seger
"When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer"-Eric Clapton and B.B. King

Nice mix, wouldn't you say?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Internet access at home. I will be posting a lot this weekend. Stand by.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Go Blues

I don't think that you could call me a hockey fanatic and be correct. I like the game and had much more passion for it in the 80's than I do now. There was something about seeing a game at the Arena and watching it from around the rafters. The Arena was built with seats that hung over each other rather than a bleacher style. When you were in the upper deck, it felt like you were leaning over the ice from three stories up. I saw the Monday Night Miracle there. I really did like watching the games from high up in the stands. You could see the plays either take form and work or disappate within a few seconds. The Blues at one time were a huge draw in St. Louis, constantly filling the old Arena and the new uh Scottrade Center. Hockey hasn't been very good for awhile, here. The strike comes along and then the Blues owner sells or trades away the heart and soul of the team. Chris Pronger was dealt and the team stripped. In walk David Checketts and John Davidson (a play by play guy who is now the team President). They manipulate good draft choices, add some veterans and for the first time in a bunch of years, the Blues find themselves in the freakin playoffs as the 6th seed. 29 sell outs this year and from the GM to the public address announcer, they have rejuvenized the team and the city with style and class. To be where they were and to now be where they are, it's nothing short of a great sports story. Good guys who have drafted good players who give back to the community and actually meet and greet the fans. I met Andy Maurray a couple of times in the halls of KMOX and he has been nothing short of what he and the team preach. Be a professional. Let's Go Blues indeed. They may be one and done this year but nothing can take away from what they have accomplished.

I Know, I Know...

I'll be back soon. Still having some trouble getting a wireless signal that works. Later this week I'll post more. That's what you get when you move...
Until then...separated at birth?

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