Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Song In My Head

This one has replaced Dan Fogelberg...damn Ipod
I remember the days on the road tryin' to get somewhere
All the time spent behind the wheel,
I remember the faces of people who did me wrong there
And they were oh so many to know

Country dates and fans who wait for hours
It's strange I don't even remember a name
Patiently they wait and see where will he run to now
And they were oh so many to know

I was born a dream chaser running away from the country that made me
Rock 'n' roll you're a home breaker turnin' my head from the family that loved me.

And I hate it, how I hate leaving you but what more can I do
Than to try and find my way ?
Carry me on to somewhere,
Send me someone who will share it all
Help me to find my peace of mind

I remember the days on the road I almost died there
Each year harder than those before
And I'll remember the faces of friends if I ever go back again,
They were also many to know

I remember the days on the road
I remember the days on the road
I remember the days on the road
I remember the days on the road
Yes I do, yes I do oh
I remember the days on the road
I remember the days on the road
and they were so many to know

Brush With Greatness Part Twelve-Jim Palmer

One of my favorite baseball players Jim "don't hate me becasue I am beautiful" Palmer. This guy in his prime could throw a baseball through the side of a barn. If I remember right, he was a very nice guy also. This was taken roughly fall of 1992 while doing the morning show from the Courtesy Diner in St. Louis. He was a judge of what we called the "Hoosier Lingerie Show" featuring the southside's "lovliest" modeling their underwear on the countertop. Steve Davis, "E", was there, too. Way too many people inside of that place, it was madness. I loved it. He was promoting his new book.

The Top 50 Commercials of The Eighties...

Ah, the eighties, I "remember" it well...didn't spend a whole lot of time watching TV much then..(too many brain cells to kill in other ways), I mean ever since they took M*A*S*H and Barney Miller off.
Someone did and made a list of their favorite commercials.

...And 50 more...

and let's make it an even one hundred. With video, of course

The Top Ten Air Guitar Solos?

I have been known to play a bit. Won a regional contest when I was a DJ in Denver back in 1982. (it was to "Eruption", one of the songs featured here). In fact, just this week I asked on the air if it was OK for a man my age to be playing the air guitar in the studio? My answer was...only if you play it as well as I do.

Here's a video list of someone's air guitar top ten. I can't argue with any of these songs, although I would add "Aqualung" to the list...but that is a topic for a future post.

Haven't Posted In A While

Between trying to get a handle on imaging, finding a place to live and getting my on air chops back, it has been difficult to post much (I don't have internet capabilities in the hotel I am staying). I have been reacquainted with a guy I went to radio school with. My God, that was 31 years ago. He has lived in Nashville for a long time and has invited me to stay with him and his "wife" until I find a place. How nice, that will certainly help. It is always nice to reaquaint yourself with old friends and lovers and so far, (after a very rough beginning)things have been going well. We have repositioned the station and have changed the morning show. I have been dropped into a station in transition but so far, I am weathering the storm. I need to hang on till after the holidays then the sailing will be smoother (I hope). Miss the family and can't wait till I see them again. I need to check out Nashville more, but so far, I have been too busy. I really do like the imaging part of the job description, it gives me a chance to be creative. Bob Seger tonight, so a report after that.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Major Bloodlettings Everywhere

Wilks Broadcasting in Kansas City (who bought the CBS stations) let 19 people go this week. Included were some friends of mine. Clear Channel in St. Louis let a bunch of people go a couple of weeks ago. This is a precarious business at this time. I had to move 300 miles away to find work. People have wondered how in the world I could do that but I can tell you that my father once told me that "you have to go where the work is". I know at least five people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat. I promise to never take this job for granted and to always do a break like it was the last one I would ever do. (Hell, it may be.)
May God bless my unemployed friends, especially my friend Brad, who's wife lost her job of 24 years the same day he lost his. I am lucky, I had to move but I still have a gig.
So for my friends Katey, Michelle, Kent (love ya bro), Jay, Vic, Trish, Mandy, Rob, Brad and anyone I have left out, I promise you, I will do the best I can to make you all proud of me. I'm lucky and I know it.

30 years ago today...

Tommy Bolin died. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I was teaching radio school (I had just graduated and was employed at the time)and my friend Mike brought in the newspaper with the clipping. I thought this guy was going to be the next Jeff Beck. His CD "Teaser" still ranks (to me) as one of the all time over loooked and under rated CDs ever.
Died of a drug overdose. How sad.
RIP Tommy.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Song Stuck In My Head

This song has been stuck in my head since Monday of last week and I can't get it out, maybe a public forum will dislodge this thing and give it to you. I hope. And remember, no tag backs.

False Faces
Oil on canvas
Couplets and stanzas to divine who you are
Pencil portrayals and jealous betrayals
Get you further afar
Oh, false faces and meaningless chases I travel alone
Oh, first places and calendar races I need a home
Hostile hotel walls, footfalls and phone calls
And you're on the line
Gentle coercions and bitter desertions
When the truth is a lie
Lover twice yearly
That last battle nearly cost me the fight
Broke through the ice and got cut down to size
And escaped through the night

Help! Please Stop!

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