Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Although he does freak me out from time to time. I don't know if I want him to be behind a tree, but catching the winning touchdown? HELL YEAH!!!

Here is a link to what the Burger King should do after the NFL season is over..very funny. Here it is.

BANG! And then its over

BANG! And all it did was prolong the agony. I remember when I lived in Kansas City and Marty Schottenheimer was hired as the head coach. The Kansas City Star published a letter from a fan in Cleveland (His old job) that said basically..."get used to having your haerts broken...Marty will get you to the big game, but he will never win it". I think the same can be said for Tony LaRussa. He gets you to the game, but never wins it. He gets tight in the post season and so does his team. If you don't hit, you don't win. What a shame that the last game at Busch was a loss. Blow it up.


I wouldn't know but this is what I have heard..
in the rock genre, nothing, and I mean nothing is better than Roxy Music's "Avalon"...start to finish..

and I will put Gino Vanelli's "Storm at Sun Up" in that category...anything you care to share?

Wednesday October 19 2005

I saw my breath for the first time this fall. It happened in Duluth Minnesota. I took some fine pictures on a camera from Walgreens before it broke. That's what I get. I have a new favorite Wisconsin highway. This is a beautiful state, especially the very northern part. Highway 2 from Duluth to Ashland WI is beautiful but Highway 51 south from Ironwood Michigan (I think today was my first trip to Michigan), to Rhinelander was just very cool. Fall follage and a straight highway through the lake country was just what I needed.

If Its Tuesday, It Must Be Duluth

Greetings from the great white north. Too bad I got here at night, seems like a pretty city, but gritty, though. Got here at 10:45 pm. At one a.m., the local refuse company decides to empty the dumpster right below my room. At three, they decide to empty it again. I don't know how much trash you can empty out of an ALREADY EMPTY DUMPSTER!! AT 5am, the girls team of something that is staying here obviously can't sleep and now neither can I. I will check in again from Rhinelander. That's a hearty name for a town don't you think?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Charles Schwab ads

Have you seen the new ones, where there is some freaky animation, done in pastels? Stuff freaks me out, man. Whoever possessed someone to sell that campaign needs a raise. Comes from watching too much baseball.

Bad Sports Day Yesterday

I have never really been a Notre Dame fan. Yeah, I kinda liked them when I was a kid, but it had nothing to do with the school. They had one of the greastest play by play guys ever in the business. Lindsay Nelson had a voice of velvet. When I was a very young boy I would park myself down in front of the TV when Notre Dame came on...just to listen. When my stepson started looking around at colleges he said he wanted to "get as far away from the midwest as posssible." My stepson goes to Notre Dame. I am now a big Notre Dame football fan. I have had the pleasure of seeing two season openers. The experience makes me wonder why I pissed those years away. They played their hearts out yesterday against big, bad USC. They lost on a very lucky play in the waning seconds of the game. Luck is a part of it, so, way to go USC. Way to go Irish.
What's up with these guys? Man, the Redbirds MUST get going or we have already seen the last game at Busch. Time to turn it around boys. Listen to me, 50 and pleading for a sports team to get going. You can take the man out of the boy...
By the way, thanks to KTVI Channel 2 for showning the Dallas-New York game instead of The Chiefs game. I wonder how many Dallas/Giants fans are in this area compared to Chiefs fans. Bummer decision, I think it sucks, and it's my blog, dammit.

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