Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stevie Wonder

I was Ipodding today and Stevie Wonder came on. I wonder how many people who are in my generation know what a genius this guy is. There are a bunch of Stevie Wonder songs that I really like, and this cat did everything from producing one of the greatest ROCK songs "Superstition" to rapping with the best. Will we ever see music done by great like this again? Or is "Rock" music already dead and gone? Too bad.
Here are MY fave Stevie Wonder songs..
1. "Superstition" (damn what a piece of funky music)
2. "Heaven Help Us All"
3. "Higher Ground"
4. "Overjoyed" (man, I loved playing this on Smooth Jazz)
5. "Place In The Sun" (very early influence on me)
6. "For Once In My Life" (great song of ANY era)
7. "Sir Duke" (genius)
8. "I Wish" (ditto)
9. "Don't You Worry Bout A Thing"
10."If You Really Love Me"
Bubbling Under the top ten...

"I Was Made To Love Her","Signed Sealed Delivered","Living For The City","Boogie On Reggae Woman","My Cherie Amour"
Thanks, Stevie.

Stop It!

I heard both of these terms on the radio this week...stop using them!
"Hot Water Heater"
"ATM Machine"
Just my two cents though.

My Philosophy

I love this quote and to it, I say Amen!
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Cuervo in one hand, Mexican food in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "WOO HOO, What a Ride!"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My brother

Yesterday would have been my brothers 57th birthday. I miss you, bro, more than anyone will ever know. Life has just not been the same since you left that Saturday morning. I will see you soon.
William G. Raley October 5th 1948-October 9th 1993

Thanks, John Densmore

Apparently, Cadillac has offered the surviving members of The Doors $15 million for the rights to "Break On Through" to use on a car commercial. Ray Manzerek said...yes, Robbie Krieger said....yes, and John Densmore God bless ya, John for standing up for something anyway. The advertising company exec said something to the effect that members of my generation don't mind the use of classic rock songs in advertising. That member of the ad company must not be a member of my generation. Bugs the hell out of me. Wow, someone who DOES have principals. Paybacks are a bitch huh Ray and Robbie?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Guardian Angels

I have one and I know who he is. It's not my late brother (he died too late in my life to be a guardian angel). It is a guy that I lived across the street from when I was an infant. His name was Bobby Lee Moore. Lee is my middle name. Bobby was the son of Buck and Dorothy Moore. Dorothy basically raised me when I was little when my mom worked. Bobby was her eldest of three sons and twenty years older than me but, from what I hear, carried me everywhere. I can, still yet, remember washing the wheels of his car when I was about 4, just one of those things that you don't ever forget. Bobby drowned on his 24th birthday which also happened to be his wedding day. His wife was pregnant...oh my God, man, this was 1960!! How devastating for Buck and Dorothy this must have been. I, for what I have been told, walked around for days in the middle of the street, wondering where Bobby was. I know now. Considering the life I have led, I could've...should've been dead a couple of times over. I just want to shake his hand when I get to the dinner table. His wife remarried and his daughter (Bobbie Lee Moore now something else) has lived in the house that my family lived in when I went to high school. Some things we know, some we feel. I know Bobby's been there...don't ask me how, though.

Metaphysical Bullshit

I sometimes wonder if I have ever met myself before. I wonder that at 7 or 8, young Randy saw a glimpse of himself 40 years later. Or, have I, at this ripe age run into young Randy yet? I saw a kid outside a church school in Ottumwa that looked a lot like me. I wonder if it was. Does God, at some time decide to throw you back into the human race when you die? Maybe I am going to be younger than I was old someday...hopefully, not too soon.

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