Saturday, January 12, 2008

Norilsk Russia

I am weeding out some of the CDs I haven't listened to in a long time. Some have been a good investment, some not so good. They have all had some meaning to me in the past. If I haven't listened to a CD in the last twenty years, it's gone. I shipped one today to Norilsk Russia.


And here:

I will post more of the obsure places people bid from.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


In it's heyday, KYYS-FM (KY 102) owned Kansas City. It was here that a 23 year old punk kid from the farm via the Quad Cities learned his craft and found his niche. I first heard KY while taking a trip from the Quad Cities to Ava, Mo to Denver to see a friend of mine early in 1978. As I passed thorough town, I thought it was a very good sounding radio station. Somehow, someway, through the grace of God, Max Floyd found me and gave me a chance to fail. Here's the show, go do it. Starting in September of 1978 and continuing to June of 1985, I did afternoons, nights, weekends, production, you name it, I did it and I loved it. I got to interview people I grew up listening to but never, ever thought I would meet, let alone spend time with.
Robin Trower, Steve Perry, Jon Anderson, Bob Seger, Geddy Lee, John Mellencamp, Lou Reed, Ozzy, Frank Zappa....and it all happened right there on Southwest Trafficway, owned by Taft Broadcasting. My first engineer was a guy by the name of Randy Michaels, who told me the tower height, location and effective radiated power of the station I had just arrived from. Off the top of his head. I went out with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Liza Gibbons and others who are some of the most colorful parts of my life story. The ubiquitous Hippo! All of the talented people that walked those halls. Paul Fredrocks, who, in my mind, was the most talented guy we ever had. Dick and Jay. Joe MacCabe. Ray Sherman. Brad Oleson. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Max Floyd and his rock and roll army, Randy and Katie with their valuable Nightrocker cards (redeemable for nothing), the dulcet, smooth sounds of Mr. Vaughn Mac. Skid Roadie. Frankie and the Knockouts. And the ever present always on top of the movie world....Jaaack Poessiger (see previous post). {Heavy ass sigh} KYYS (KY 102) was blown up in 1994 and resurrected on another frequency. It wasn't the same, though and today comes word that it's blown up again.
KYYS-FM (1974-2008)

"The business I miss is no longer the business anymore."-Randy Raley March 2007

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stuff On A Sunday Morning

I have a chance to contemplate the first week of the new year. As I sit here listening to some blues I have some thoughts(don't I always?)....In St. Louis, we are getting ready for a MAJOR shutdown of a main artery. Interstate 64/40 is closed for about two years starting really tomorrow. It was closed on January 2nd but the big traffic rush will be tomorrow. All the high schools and vacationers are back and it will be a mess. While they are updgrading on/off ramps that were built in the thirties, they are not widening the highway or putting in a metro link line. It will be closed from Spoede to Brentwood for a year then from Brentwood to Spring for another year. God help us, there will be road rage galore here.

My duties have been expanded at the station. It's nice to have a job and it's nice to have one at a place like KMOX. I can get there a little after rush hour and stay late. I hope to miss most of the rush.

I have nothing but great admiration for Pat Summerall. I have never thought much of him as an announcer, but God love him, he has been in the business forever; that takes some doing and for that, he has my respect. It's time to go. The Mizzou game was great but marred by some of the most shoddy play by play I have ever heard. He missed plays, numbers and sometmes sounded like he was completely lost. I am very ambivelent when it comes to forcing someone out (I will be there someday soon), I don't think Pat needs the money or the fame. His days with John Madden were memorable but that was a long time ago. Which leads me to this...

Fox Sports has the worst line up of play by play teams of any network. Mizzou got screwed on their coverage and the rest of the line up just hurts my head. I was in such agony listening to the bowls that I had to turn down the volume. It made me long for Brent Musberger, and that is bad. Which leads me to this...

This is the new Texas Stadium that Jerry Jones and his ego are building for 20 gazzilion dollars. Notice the two arches that are visible. While being the color guy for the Cotton Bowl (played right down the street), Brian Baldinger said this: ..."see the arches there at the stadium? Those arches are bigger than the arches in St. Louis that span the Mississippi..."

Really? OK then, I thought we only had one, and it was pretty much on the Missouri side. That's just me...horrible, horrible broadcasting but no one cares. Give me Mike Patrick, Al Michaels, Dick Enberg, etc.

A speedy recovery to Stephen Stills who had his prostate removed on his birthday. His people said he is doing great, so that's wonderful. I think Dan Fogelberg was getting better, too.

There are few things better than having a great mechanic.

I think it's Obama's race to lose. My question is how many white people will refuse to vote for him simply because he is black? Or because of his middle name? I would like to think we are passed that, but I am not so sure.

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