Wednesday, February 14, 2007

from dave's window is...

....a picture that i plagarized. yes, this is a teddy bear having a colonoscopy. dave's link is to your right, if you care to..

This Is My Life

i got my membership at blockbuster today. i guess that means i am now a resident. i picked up the first two 'deadwood' shows. damn. these guys don't fuck around with saying the word fuck now do they...i will explore this series more.

i guess friday night lights has bit the dust. too bad. i thought this was a pretty cool show. then they started moving it around all over. it's no wonder why the tv ratings have dropped. the shit stays and the good get moved or on the tv three times a week. rip friday night lights.

what a cool picture.

i think i have finally found a basketball game. played with some guys today that were pretty cool. we will see if this works. i hadn't played since november and it really showed. i made my first shot and then none after that.

Monday, February 12, 2007

getting caught up

you can tell i am back in good old sylvan park. sorry about the lower case, but i think it gives the post character, but that's just me.

hey jessie, you don't know how proud of you i am. and i officially, in words, take back what i said to you when you decided to switch your degree in the middle of the stream. i believe the words were....uh, what the hell you gonna do with are working in the field of your huh. it will be hard to give up when that day comes. congrats and much love and respect

uh...this caused an accident. i used to call it 'comfortable'.

this is the picture we are sending out by email. you should have seen the first one...ew.

i love the grammys. its one place where you can see all types of music in one night.
my faves were the way the chicks kicked all ass. i think i posted this before but these gals can really play and sing and i don't care about their politics. in fact, i like charlie daniels too. second favorite part was christina aguilera's a mans world...and just killing it. that woman can just.flat.sing. real easy on the eyes, too

this is michael amante. he can really sing. he is appearing in st. louis at the touhill and apparently is quite the master. up there with pavarotti. i heard him on kmox and someone asked him who his favorite singers were. he immediately said steve perry and freddie mercury. he said that steve perry had the most powerful voice he had ever heard. if you watch steve and really listen to him, he is very powerful. i just thought it was very cool that he mentioned them right off the bat. i got to thinking...who else has that voice. paul rodgers was the very first name that came to mind. then ian gillan.

so let me get this straight, other than the three stooges, the latest 'i could be the baby's daddy' is the old coot that anna nicole smith married. someone has supported the fact the baby could be from the old mans gak. man, oh man, he was ninety and that means it still worked. i am impressed.

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