Thursday, August 11, 2005

On the road...

In lovely Lincoln Nebraska (where I used to live). I am at the Nebraska Broadcasters Association convention. Lincoln was always just a blur in my career. I was the Ops Manager (the head guy) at a couple of stations here many years ago. One thing I do miss about Lincoln, though, would be a chain of restaurants called Runza's. If you have ever had a Runza, you know how good they are. I think that tomorrow before I leave, a Runza with fries and a fountain Mountain Dew will continue the expansion of my waistline. The state capitol has always been referred to as the "penis of the plains", and with the aforementioned picture, I think you know now why it got that name. I will be leavingtomorrow to head back to KC. I will be in Sedalia reporting for Missourinet on the state fair.
Off to drink more and schmooze the peeps.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The greatest muscle car ever

1970 GTO "Judge" Holley 800 four barrel and posi traction rear end and real hood scoops that kept my gas mileage at about 10 miles to the gallon, but with gas at 30 cents a gallon, who cared?
I got one when I was 17. My father's first words were.."boy, you ain't man enough to drive a car like that.." He was probably right. I sure miss that car.

R.I.P. Peter Jennings

I will miss watching Peter Jennings. I thought he was cool, calm, collected and unflappable. Apparently a gentleman and not swarthy like Rather or bookwormish like John Chancellor. It was like having James Bond read the news. Always typed with one finger (I like that.) BTW, quit smoking! It has killed just about everyone in my family and a lot of the people I admire

Beautiful Newswomen

I have been in love with Elizabeth Vargas for years. She doesn't know this, and I am sure her husband would be "Walkin All Over My Head in Memphis". Just one very classy looking lady.I got to thinking about other hotties and here is an incomplete list
Ah, Campbell Brown. Someone described you as "the girl next door". Too bad you didn't live in my neighborhood.
Ah, yes, Soledad Obrien. Very lovely
Her name is Trish Regan. She works for CBS. She's hot.
So is Norah ODonnell
I sure am glad I can't watch the Today show, I wouldn't get anything done. Ann Curry is the hottest on the air, bar none. But, that's just me.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My all Busch Stadium Cardinal Team

My Cardinal traditions go back to in-utero. My mother's family grew up near Houston, Mo. It is locked in, dead center, Cardinal country. On their honeymoon, my mother and father went to Sportsman's park to see the Cardinals. She showed me the tickets stubs much later, when she knew I could appreciate them. I spent MY first honeymoon at Busch stadium in 1974. I saw the Cardinals lose to the Braves 6-4. In my adolescence, while growing up in Ava, Mo., I was the member of the family recruited (forced) to find a station that would come in clearly. Some nights, it would be KMOX and I would be forced to touch the radio and be the antenna for nine innings. When I lived in Kansas City from 1978-1985, I also became a Royals fan (they were winning all the time and I actually became friends with a couple of players on the team and, at that time, other than 1982, the Cardinals stunk). But I digress..with that in mind, I have put together my...
The only criteria is that they must have played at Busch Stadium sometime in their career, so here goes...

1B...Orlando Cepeda by a nose over Keith Hernandez and Pujols (McGwire cheated, so he's gone)
2B...Julian Javier by a nose over Tommy Herr
SS...Ozzie Smith in a walk over Templeton and Renteria
3B...Kenny Reitz over Pendleton (Boyer didn't play at Busch and Rolen hasn't done enough yet)
C...Ted Simmons in a walk over McCarver (Simmons had the best hair for anyone playing in the 70's) with Matheny a distant third.
RF...George Hendrick... Maris wasn't here long enough
CF...Willie McGee in a nose over Edmonds (willie may be number two to Musial as all time favorite Cardinal)
LF...Lou Brock...who else?
Starting Pitcers (5 man rotation) Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Chris Carpenter,Bob Forsch, and I'll take Danny Cox for my fifth guy.
Relievers...Todd Worrell, Bruce Sutter, Lee Smith, Dennis Eckersley
Pinch runner..Vince Coleman
Manager...Whitey Herzog in a nose hair over LaRussa.

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