Sunday, June 28, 2015

Generation Landslide or Funny How Time Slips Away

I got a text from my daughter the other day and it was very interesting. She said since moving to Los Angeles, she's started gravitating to the classic rock stations. "I guess I knew it would happen someday."
I think she's a little put out at happened at only 26. She said she's noticed they play the same songs over and over and she's looking for something else.
She's asked me to make CDs of "my music" for her so she can listen to them.
I was a bit taken back by this and I wanted classification, so I texted her "what exactly do you mean by 'my music'"?
"Songs YOU think I need to hear."
Child, there are hundreds you NEED to hear.
"Send them."
That's my girl!!

Since the Time Machine on Thursday morning dealt with 1971, I started there.
Her first CD will include The Rolling Stones (three from Sticky Fingers), Marvin Gaye (three from What's Going On), James Taylor (three from Mud Slid Slim)and about eight John Denver tunes.
She wants a description why each song should be on there.
The Stones, Marvin and James are no brainers, the John Denver requires a bit of explanation.

I was his doppelganger in high school, His first BIG song came out in 1971 (between freshman and sophomore years) all the way through 1975. He was Johnny Carson's fill in, had his own show and was a movie star (Oh God!).
john or me?

me or john?
There are a hand full of people I didn't know who I have cried about when they died. John Denver was one. While he could be very pedestrian, his good stuff ranks right up with me as some of the best of all time.
I thought a could cover the Beatles in two CDs. Not even close. Not three. It looks like four. Maybe.
I'll keep you informed of what happens.

With great sadness I found out about Chris Squire succumbing to cancer earlier today. The picture above was taken in 1984 at a park off state line in Kansas City. Yes came to town wanting to play softball for some reason. Chris Squire is in the van. Most of the band came ready to play but Chris Squire was dressed in boots and wasn't really interested. He sat on the bench, chain smoking cigarettes; in fact lighting one off another. I sat next to him for a minute and the conversation went like this...
"Hey man, those things will kill ya." "It's probably a bit too late for that, mate."
"Not a softball fan?" "No not really, I just come out to these things to hang around and see new and different things. I'm not really into exercise, that's why I play the bass." (he laughs)
I told him the first Yes song I ever heard was "Your Move".
"That's a good one to find us by", he said.
"What was it about?"
"Love is such a chess game, you make your moves for future plans, and the next thing you know, checkmate, she's got you."
I told him how much time I spent under the headphones with his band and that Yes was definitely in my top ten of all time.
"Why not top five?" he laughed.
He was gracious and thanked me, I shook his massive hand (they were like concrete blocks) and I moved along to do something else. I remember he was a massive human being, especially with those boots on.  He was also very charming. Cancer sucks.

Drew Johnson from KSHE has asked my to cut a small piece about my time there and KSHE will play it on the air. It will go something like this..."when I stood up at graduation from radio school in 1976 we were all asked where we wanted to be in ten years. I proudly got up, threw my chest out and said I would be doing afternoons at KSHE 95 in St. Louis. Cue the rounds of laughter.
I made it in nine years. When I go back and look at my career, my time there provided the most interesting and fulfilling chapters in the book and the brightest colors in the picture of my life.
13 years I'll never forget and cherish forever. It was always a privilege and one I NEVER took for granted. Thank you for listening, and thank you for allowing me to come into your life every afternoon. I thought we made a great pair."
95% of my time at KSHE was heaven. The other 5% is for another day.

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