Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Great Musical Find

One of the cool things about voice tracking an internet smooth jazz station is the fact I get exposed to music I wouldn't normally hear. Some of it is pretty pedestrian, but Stevie Williams is one of the baddest bass players I have ever heard. In the spirit of Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius and Abraham Laboriel, this cat is just plain B-A-D.
This is one of the best CDs I have heard in the last five years. "Open Up Your Heart" kicks off the CD and is the first thing that caught my ear, extremely funky with a keyboard that sounds like a freight train, Steve Winwood would be proud of this. An incredibly catchy tune that sets the stage. "Today I Stop" sounds like Rufus with Chaka Khan, soulful and sweet. "Lo-Fi" starts with the sounds of a scratchy record and you swear the turntable os on the wrong speed. Where did this creativity come from? Incredible bass playing and a rhythm section that sounds like thunder. "Living Under The Sun" has turned into my favorite track on this recording and my favorite song this summer. Uplifting, funky, sweet with a piano solo and trumpet played with heart and passion. Where did this guy come from? "Just A Little More" sounds like a 1970s soul song that could have been done by Marvin Gaye. If your toes don't tap to this, you need help. Could have been a big hit if released 30 years ago. "Skyward Bound" sounds just like Jaco did when he was alive. This track is as about as laidback as you can get. The melody here reminds me of a hot summer day, the consistency of molasses. "Nursery Bass (The Special Children)" Nice feeling here, a bit of a throwaway if there is one on this release, but a sweet song with a real interesting fingering concept here. Nice solo in the middle from what sounds like a piccolo. "Gospel Summer" Baptist church on a hot Sunday morning. A great song, my second favorite on the CD. Jublilant and a joyful noise and when that Hammond B3 kicks in, you give up your soul to the groove...Hallelujah! "Walk Tall" brings you back down to Earth with a cool funky vibe that sounds like Jimmy Jamerson to me, just the way he plays is a nod to the old Motown Funk Brothers. "4am" a great ending to a wonderful ride. Cool talk box feature that would make Bob Heil proud. I plan on sending Stevie an email through his website just to say thanks for being one of the few things anymore that fills this 50 year old music fan's heart with awe. Find this release and buy it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Top Five Drugged Up Appearances Ever

With our special guests...Crispin Glover, James Brown, Klaus Kinski and Richard Pryor.

I don't care who ya are...that's funny.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Top 20 Questionable Career Moves

I agree with most of this...
didn't you used to be Craig Kilborn?

The A-Z of Rock Sex Scandals

From Blender magazine

Not for kids, for sure.

My Head Hurts...Please Stop

After ten years, it's ALL JonBonet all the time. This is the second wave and the reason that network and local news organizations suck. Please stop! My head hurts already. NBC Nightly news spent the first eight fucking minutes on this tonight....and then, we needed a "local" angle. Now I'm watching Fox news in the studio and they have lined up six "experts" on the case.
Now, be like OJ and find the real killer.
Now, really, does this guy look like a child molester to you? Well, actually.....

Song In My Head

I was listening to the radio
I heard a song reminded me of long ago
Back then I thought that things were never gonna change
It used to be that I never had to feel the pain
I know that things will never be the same now

I wanna go back
And do it all over again
But I can't go back I know
I wanna go back
Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back I know

I recall hanging out on Friday night
The first slow dance
Hoping that I'll get it right
Back then I thought I'd never ever stand alone
It used to be that a lonely heart was never shown
I know that things will never be the same

I wanna go back
And do it all over again
But I can't go back I know
I wanna go back
Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back I know

Can't go back

I can't go back

I know now that things will never be the same

No, No
And do it all over

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Nursery Rhymes For Big Kids

Mary had a little pig,
She kept it fat and plastered;
And when the price of pork went up,
She shot the little bastard.

Her father shot it dead.
Now it goes to school with her,
Between two hunks of bread.

JACK AND JILL Went up the hill
To have a little fun.
Stupid Jill forgot the pill
And now they have a son.

SIMPLE SIMON met a Pie man going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon to the Pie man,
"What have you got there?"
Said the Pie man unto Simon,
"Pies, you dumb #$%!"

HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings' horses,
And all the kings' men.
Had scrambled eggs,
For breakfast again.

HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE the cat took a piddle,
All over the bedside clock.
The little dog laughed to see such fun.
Then died of electric shock.

GEORGIE PORGY Pudding and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
And when the boys came out to play,
He kissed them too 'cause he was gay.

There was a little girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very, very good.
But when she was bad........
She got a fur coat, jewels, a waterfront condo, and a sports car.

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