Friday, August 06, 2010

Incense and Peppermints

I still love the smell of incense. Not sure why, but I hear the olfactory gland/sense is the most powerful one we have. It seems to take me back to stoned Saturday afternoons at the Curiosity Shoppe in downtown Davenport, The Church in downtown Moline or the various Co-Op Tapes and Records that dotted the Quad City area. After I got paid, I'd go to my favorite head shop and peruse the comics (loved R. Crumb) and the wondrous works of art that awaited me in the aisles of the latest album releases. Everything form The Carpenters to Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band was available and I would just dig the various album covers and the artworks they would become. It is one of my favorite memories. What am I burning now? Sandalwood, why of course. Musk and Jasmine are on the way. Posters? Oh, they're upstairs.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Tapes

As I am restructuring my life, a certain misfortune happened upon me about two months ago. I went out to wash my deck and not realizing that the "hydrant" inside my house had burst, I proceded to dump about 1000 gallons of water in my finished basement. After all the insurance has been hassled with and claims have been submitted, I am in the process of finding all of the stuff I have lost over the years. I have pictures of myself with Yoko. Esther and I went to Abbey Road in early 1994 and was given a tour by Alan Parsons. I can't find those pictures either, nor can I find the one with myself and Ozzy, a great one with me and BTO playing on my 30th birthday party, or the one with Steve Perry that I treasure. I did, while going through my brothers stuff, find a complaint levied against my dad, who, apparently assaulted some woman in downtown East Moline in July of 1946, which was right about the time he married my mother. I did find my very first show on KSHE, 6/10/85 on cassette tape. The tape is cranky and creaky and drags in the beginning but I think I can overcome that by playing it a lot. I also found a show with my mom also in 1985. I haven't played it yet. She was very funny and developed quite a following. After two days on the air with me, we announced that we were going to TGIFridays in south county to have an after dinner drink. The place was packed with fans of my mom and they bought her drinks all night. That was one of the coolest things that ever happened to me in teh biz. Mom ruled. As soon as I can get them ready to go, I'll have a special on and recreate the first day and "mom" day. From what I have heard on the tape, I was pretty damned good. Now, if I could only find those damn pictures. What other goodies await at my house?

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