Saturday, December 29, 2007

Survey Sez...

In order to celebrate a new year and to keep your interest here, I have set up a poll site to your right. I will change the questions from week to week and if you have any questions you would like to share, send em in, I will certainly consider them. the first/last question of 2008/2007 is posted. Tell me what you think.

Gettin A Bit Tired of These...

Uh...I Think It's Called Prep..Ya Might Want to Try That

How not to start an interview. (Swear to God John Cusack looks just like my son)

Photoshop Fun, The Eyes Have It (the mouths that is)

Very cool photoshop project that has the eyes of famous people replaced by their mouth. Interesting, freaky and downright weird.

Past Christmas Magic

I had one of these, I remember it so well, it about broke my mom and dad to get it.

During this holiday season, Telstar Logistics is proud to offer our readers a soothing counterpoint to the relentless commercialism of Christmas present... by taking you on an illustrated tour of the relentless commercialism of Christmas past.

Inspired by the fact that several friends of this Internet weblog recently forwarded us the same excerpts from a 1977 JC Penny catalog, Telstar Logistics reached into our vast corporate archive and emerged clutching a pristine copy of the 1962 Sears Christmas Book.

As you browse the Sears catalog, keep in mind that, according to the Inflation Calculator, $1 in 1962 was equivalent to $6.51 in 2006 dollars. Conversely, $1 in 2006 was equivalent to $0.15 in 1962.

Obviously, this catalog offers a treasure trove of insight into the tastes and domestic habits of a typical American family living 45 years ago, so we've reproduced a broad cross-section of the book which shows everything from childrens' wear and phonograph equipment to power tools and ski gear. Holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from budding young scientists to Bible-thumping fundamentalists! A few of the greatest hits are shown here, but you'll find more than 160 pages of consumerist archaeology at our 1962 Sears Catalog photoset.

Merry shopping!

1962 Sears Christmas Book (Flickr photoset by Telstar Logistics) (Enthusiast website with complete scans of historic department store catalogs)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Countdown Continues...

Late summer, 1973, the job is winding down at the drive-in, I am getting ready for my last year of public education and life is pretty mellow. On the radio comes this weird sounding frieght train guitar riff and words that meant absolutely nothing. That freight train riff and the solo in the middle were courtesy of my now friend Bob Heil, inventor of the "talk box". The song was "Rocky Mountain Way". My favorite DJ at the time Rich Ericson had just been fired by the "lite rock" station and he made his triumphant return to the legendary top 40 station (KSTT)by playing "Rocky Mountain Way " and declaring openly that he was happy to be back because that was a song that they never "allowed" him to play at the "lite rock" station! Yeah! Right On! I immediately made a contribution to his defiance by buying the album. I knew Joe from The James Gang and I also bought "Barnstorm" although I was a bit disappointed in it. The rest of the album sounds nothing like "Rocky Mountain Way".
Very laid back and trippy for me. I was experimenting a bit with different things and found the vibe to be very nice. "Book Ends" was a bit of a throwaway and "Wolf" a bit of a downer. Really dug the instrumental "Midnight Moodies" with Joe on keyboards and guitar and a Jethro Tull sounding flute. "Happy Ways" is a Joe Vitale song with a tropical beat and a great middle eight. "Meadows" is typical Joe (in a good sense) and "Dreams" is like floating away. "Days Gone By" is probably my fave over the years and "Daydream Prayer" is the coda where the band steps out on stage taking their bows.

At the time, this was an imporatnat release to me as I drove a long distance to work. I think I went through two eight tracks in all.

Honorable Mention

Loved both of these too...

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Christmas Song Present For You..

It doesn't get much better than this...enjoy!!

For God So Loved The World....

.... that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16
Merry Christmas and may the love and the light of the Lord shine on you this holiday season.

Stupid Sports Junk

I have been watching a lot of college basketball. It's a great time of year for that. Over the weekend I saw the Memphis/Georgetown game along with Illinois/Missouri. Here is the one thing that gets me. What in the hell happened to the fine art of shooting free throws? Man, I have never seen so many "athletes" clank free throws. Missouri hit 12-23 and the rest of the teams were as bad or worse. Does no one teach this stuff anymore? Or are players just concerned about ho to make 360 degree super slam dunk shots. If Mizzou would have hit at least 67% of their free throws (barely passing), they would have won the game.
This is how I always learned it...

1. Balance yourself at the free throw line. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to one another.
2. Point both feet and square your upper body toward the basket. Position your feet just behind the line; move one of your feet back an inch or two, if that's comfortable.
3. Hold the ball by using the hand of your nonshooting arm to support and cradle it lightly. Place the middle three fingers of your shooting hand on the seams of the ball, with your thumb and palm acting as supports.
4. Keep your shooting forearm straight, and avoid tilting it to one side. Try to keep the arm that will be releasing the ball oriented toward the basket.
5. Aim for a target just above the rim, and try not to shoot the ball short. A good target is the backboard shooting square drawn above the rim.
6. Bend your knees. An accurate shot doesn't rely on arm strength; it uses leg strength to propel the shooter upward.
7. Shoot in one fluid motion, straightening your knees to strengthen the shot and your arm to provide aim. Release the ball with your fingertips. This allows you more control over your shot and a softer arc because of the backspin you create.
8. Follow through by bending your shooting hand forward, as though you're reaching for the rim.
Tips & Warnings
Practice, practice, practice.
Being comfortable with your shot can make a big difference. If you find a motion that helps, such as adding a little hop while shooting, use it.
Take your time at the line. Most players bounce the ball or spin it in their hands before setting up their free throws.

See? Pretty damn easy. That's why they call it a "free throw". From a guy who used to shoot 87% at the line, I am appalled at the lack of fundamentals that permeate this sport.

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