Saturday, September 17, 2005

Post 71.."Standing In the Shadows Of Motown"

In an upcoming post, I will list the top ten movies that I cannot stop watching once I get into them. This one deserves a special mention...

It's the story of the Funk Brothers, the anonymous band that played on just about every song that came out of that era...and the fact that NO ONE knew who they were. One of my favorite parts is when the living Funk Brothers back up current artists doin those great songs. Joan Osbourne, Ben Harper and Gerald Levert sing their asses off. What A great great movie.
A good one to rent on a Saturday night.
"Standing In The Shadows of Motown"

I Love A Parade

One of the duties that my daughter has as a "pommie" is that she gets to perform in the annual Greentree festival parade here in beautiful downtown, suburban Kirkwood. I love my little city nestled in the southwest corner of St. Louis county. Greentree is an annual even held in Septemeber at the Kirkwood park where everyone gets together and drink, eat, see crafts and shows and basically hang out together. The parade was very well attended and I got to see my daughter twice. First at the beginning of the parade standing at the corner of Geyer and Essex, then after she passed, I figured I could catch up with the parade again at St. Peter Church. I was right. Even though, I am sure she was hot from performing, each time I saw her she was smiling and looked into it. I HAVE to get that camera fixed. I have very good kids, for which I am blessed.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Football Friday Night

This is a very neat time for us right now. My daughter is a "pommie" for the high school so she gets to go and perform every home game. There was a hair of a chill in the air tonight. I got a Pepsi and some popcorn. Kirkwood was winning 61-6 we I left. I think they can take it from here....

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I grew up on a farm. I used to really enjoy a great meal that maybe others might not think would be so hot. Saturday mornings were met with stacks of bacon, sausage, beans,eggs, potatoes and other great edibles. I am not sure I could eat this however, when I lived in Kansas City, I had a house at 74th and Holmes. At 75th and Holmes was a mom and pop restaurant, called appropriately enough..."Joe's". I would walk there every morning with the paper and get two eggs (over easy) with hash browns and toast. Every once in a while I would order the "poorboy", which was a double cheeseburger with a couple of fried eggs(over easy). Yum. With fries to boot and I didn't gain a pound. Ah...those WERE the days.


Road trip yesterday. Went from St. Louis to Mason City, Iowa. Distance about 400 miles. It was a mellow, fine trip. I had business to take care of in Mason City that was cool. I hope we get that station on, they have a great news department and a fine management staff.

While driving, I listened to about 45 songs on the Ipod. The started sweet with "Carolina In The Pines" by Micheal Murphy. Top ten song of all time, for sure. One of THE best guitar solos...David Gilmour's full 2:35 workout in "Money". "My Blue World" by the Moodies was sublime. "Life For The Taking" by Eddie Money was a good highway jam. "Sir Duke" sounded great and "Chest Fever by the band just hit the spot, hell I could almost be a radio programmer...nah! Nice cruise.

I was watching a show in the restaurant of my hotel in Iowa City. It was hosted by a cat named Steven A. Smith who is also is sportswriter (whatever happened to having broadcasters host broadcasted shows), anyhow, he kept bitching about how unfair it was that college athletes weren't paid. Hold on, a guy who is putting one kid through college at Notre Dame, and soon will help with another, give my kid just ONE chance to get a scholarship, and I promise you that kid will ask for nothing else for four years. I'll take THAT deal anyway, anyday. Steven A. Smith is a clown.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chris Schenkel

Chris Schenkel passed away earlier this week at the age of 82. Boy, you talk about the voices of your past, this guy has a whole chapter. The first guy to do live play by play from the Olympics (1968) and he was the voice of the Pro Bowlers Tour forever. My father would spend his Saturdays when he wasn't working watching bowling. Vicariously, I knew that voice immediately. RIP, Chris, you meant so much to people you never even knew. He joins the growing list of broadcasting greats that have passed. Lindsey Nelson (the voice of Notre Dame football),
Ray Scott (the voice of the Packers) and others, whose voices take me back to my childhood.

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