Friday, May 09, 2008


Feeling a bit better today, although this "stinger" issue in my right arm is not getting better.
I have PT at 4pm today (yippie, I get out of the house) and then, I will do the show on KMOX tomorrow night, and back to work on Monday. Since I can't drive, I am conducting an experiment to find out how long it takes to get from Meramec Community College to the downtown office. This would make a good story for one of the newspeople, don't you think? I will get on a bus about 7:30 and see, using the buses and Metrolink, along with walking, just how efficient our mass transportation system is here in St. Louis City and County.

My typing still sucks.

The NBA releases its First Second and Third teams, and Tony Parker isn't on any of them? Wha?

It's The Indiana Jones trilogy today, folks. Getting ready for the new movie. Is it just me, or does the new "Speed Racer" movie look NOTHING like the original cartoon? It didn't get a very good review.

Eddy Arnold

I don't think I can begin to tell you how big Eddy Arnold was in my house. When I heard of his passing, I was reminded of my mother who, I swear, would swoon at the mention of his name. With the passing of Eddy, I have officially lost touch with the very early years of my being. Hank's long gone, Ray died not too long ago and now, with this, a certain part of my life now drifts away on some iceberg that just broke free from my past, never to return.

What a voice he had. I can name ten of his songs right off the bat, just because they were played so much in my house. With his TV show and easy, breezy ways, you thought this guy was your favorite uncle that brought you a present every day he came to see you.

"What's He Doing in My World", "Welcome To My World", "Make The World Go Away", "Cattle Call","The Richest Man In The World" etc. I know these songs word for word after all of this time...he was second to George Jones in the number of individual hits on the country charts but, according to a formula derived by Joel Whitburn, is the all-time leader in an overall ranking for hits and their time on the charts. From 1945 through 1983 he had 145 charted songs, including 28 number-one hits. We may have had them all. He performed well written songs and surrounded himself with great musicians. He didn't wear the gaudy, sequined suits that other country artists did at the time. He wasn't big on honky tonk, he was big on love and the many intracacies of it. He recorded music at the age of 87 with the release of "After All These Years".
Married to the same woman for 67 years, she died in March of this year.
I guess it really doesn't take us long to go from here

To here...huh?

His last concert in 1999. Thanks, Eddy. You filled my house with gladness. Say hi to Mom.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


First day of physical therapy and I feel like crap. Really. I thought I had a fever
....(no not that fever)...this morning because all I did at the table while eating my oatmeal was sweat. I miss sweating, I really do but not under these circumstances. My shoulder hurts like hell and everytime I try to straighten my arm out, I feel like I am getting stuck with a white hot poker in my wrist. Why my wrist and why now to feel like I am having a migrane (which I never get). They said the rehabilitation process was going to be tough. I can hardly wait.
PT is at four, The Man With No Name triple feature with Clint Eastwood before then.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Five Dollar Bill

something isn't quite right...

Take A Walk With Me?

I am now getting a chance to go through some cool stuff my friends and family have sent me via's something from my friend Kool Karl...

I have issues with heights now but I didn't used to. I wonder what changed? We used to dive off cliffs at the Houston Baptist Camp onthe Big Piney River. We couldn't get high enough...we were fearless.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Another One Hit Wonder

This was a sweet song released in 1972 by Carlos Santana's brother Jorge's band, Malo. This is a live version that loses a bit from the studio. Still, a very nice song, one of my favorites from that time. I was going through my "horn" phase and was into these guys, Chase, Tower of Power, Chicago etc. etc. Jorge didn't do much after that.

Ipod, Sweet Ipod

It's been good to me lately...

"Paper Money" by Montrose
"Paper In Fire"-John Mellencamp
"Katmandu"-Bob Seger
"Rock and Roll Soul"-Grand Funk
"Talk to the Lawyer"-David Lindley
"Tell Me Something Good"-Rufus
"Whiskey In The Jar"-Thin Lizzy
"Walkin Blues"-Hot Tuna
"Teenage Lament 74"-Alice Cooper
"What Can I Say"-Pousette Dart Band
"Eclipse"-Pink Floyd
"I Can't Stand It"-Robin Trower

A good walk, indeed

Week 3

I am healing at a snail's pace. I am not a good patient because I don't have much patience. I am slowly but surely getting the right arm more involved. The left arm is not happy to be the understudy for the right, but alas, it's hanging in there too, knowing it's taking one for the team.

It's a beautiful day here in St. Louis and reason number one why May is my favorite month. The lilacs are blooming which always reminds me of my mom.

Another earthquake, this time right down the street. A 2.5..but something's rumbling...

It's a bitch not to work. I couldn't handle having nothing to do. I had my daughters boyfriend shovel up a place for my giant tomato trees and I am out slowly (with my left arm) breaking up the dirt clods and getting rid of the grass. I couldn't stand it that someone else mowed my yard. I am just weird about it. "Challenging yard" was his only response when it was over. You bet it is.

The Raley double feature this afternoon will be a high school tribute:

"Jeremiah Johnson"- one of my personl guilty pleasures over the last three decades. I thought Rebert Redford was as cool as could be in this. I have always been afflicted with wanderlust and this movie is a real good one to fulfill that need if only for a couple of hours. Even after seeing this while working at the drive in 17 times or so, still one of my faves.

"Harold and Maude"- Hysterical movie but one I could relate to. The premise is a bit creepy that a woman in her sixties and a guy in his teens could fall in love but as my dad once said.."you can't help who you fall in love with". Maybe the first time I heard Cat Stevens. Reminds me of high school.

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