Friday, February 09, 2007

february 2007 part 2

many years ago, on a morning show i did, we used to do a bit called 'death pool'. at the beginning of the year, people would call and nominate someone they think would die that year. i have had anna nicole since 1997. very tragic, but not surprising. this woman was fucked up for a long time. the question remains, who gets instantly rich and the most important thing...what about the baby

Thursday, February 08, 2007

february 2007


this is one of my very favorite bands. the first time i heard 'take it easy' on am radio, i immediately went out and bought the album. also that day, i bought jo jo gunne, please don't ask me why i remember that. enjoyed 'desperado'. LOVED'on the border', that was the clincher lp for me and with the release of 'one of these nights' and then 'hotel california' at the age of 20, these guys knew mt life better than i did. here are my top five eagles songs...

1. 'one of these nights'-without a doubt my favorite song by them
2. 'hotel california'-a true american rock and roll classic
3. 'on the border'-sweet unknown ass kickin guitar solo here
4. 'those shoes'- from what i gather, done in one take. thanks bob heil
5. 'take it to the limit' i wonder what randy meisner is up to

i drove all the way to comiskey park in chicago to see them in 1976. the bill was...pablo cruise opened the show..i really used to like that band a lot...then sammy hagar, boston...their first tour...they were ok, steve miller, then the eagles.
i then saw them in 1980 in kansas city. after that, in 1997, i was one of the saps that paid 95 bucks to hear joe walsh do 'ordinary average guy'. that tour was frustrating. while it was excellentto hear 'lying eyes' and such, i wasn't thrilled to pay that money to hear glen frey play 'smuggler's blues'.

don henley has announced that the new eagle's album 'leaving the land of eden' will only be available at wal mart for the first YEAR before other outlets get the chance to carry it. what...the...fuck. mr. golden pond don henley has turned into a hypocrite. ok, then. you guys haven't done a decent song since 1979. 'hole in the world' sucked. so did 'get over it' and the other piece of shit whatever it was. never has such a band i adored and admired fallen so low. don, fuck you.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

some days are like diamonds, some others...

so i get this laptop from craigslist and i talk to the guy; the kid says its a great computer and he is moving to a place where he doesn't need it because his family has plenty. ok, then. i buy it. three weeks later, my shift key is gone, also use of the at symbol, parentheses, etc. this is gonna suck. talk to the computer place on my way to work. 135 bucks just to look at it.woof 'if i could make an exclamation mark here, i would'.

today was a tough day. we are now broadcasting in hd. that's very cool and they have changed the monitors in the studio to receive the hd signal. it sounds very very different. really crisp high end. i like that. apparently the feed to my traffic guy was on delay and the first report was a clusterfuck. while messing with the feed, one of the engineers switched one of my switches. it was painful to hear the dj crash and burn. in primetime. b-u-m-m-e-r.

so, if you could have dinner with anyone you wanted dead or alive, who would you dine with'i would put a question mark in here if i could'...easy for me..jesus christ. 'what's the buzz, tell me whatsa happenin'.... brother. really miss him and dad

fourth...teddy roosevelt..hey i'm a fan...we'd probably hoist a few

fifth...jessica biel. sorry.

The Rat Pack at the Sands

One of the perks of the biz is that I get to go to cool stuff. Last night, I went to the traveling company of 'The Rat Pack Live at the Sands'. Incredible. My mother would have loved this. She was the biggest Dean Martin fan ever. These guys were great. Frank was played by a brit and so was Dean. Frank and Sammy even looked like their idols. GREAT band, great music and it's hard to believe that we are so politically correct now. This was set at the Sands in 1962 at the height of the Rat Pack popularity. I really liked this show. These guys nailed it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

superbowl junk

I make bad ass mah-fuggin'chili. Especially when it has been frozen and co-agulated for a while. I would give you the recipe but then I would have know..

Hey Indy,nice job coming out in the cold. It's says a lot about a city that doesn't burn itself down. When the Rams won the Superbowl, the only arrest was for some clown that fell through a plate glass window. I think Nashville's turn is coming and soon.

I watched the big game with four monks. One brother and three priests, one from England that knew nothing of the game. By the middle of the second quarter, he had it down pretty well. All good people, really. It was all good.

billy joel came in at 97 seconds, right on the line and i really wonder what happened to the guy. i don' remember him like that...stevie nicks sounded funky, but i thought prince rocked his hiney off.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stuff From England

Just some stuff from England I foung lying around today. The place where I stayed is there along with tickets to the Churchill War Room and a train pass form the airport.
Notice is says "25 pounds"...that's about $47. One way.

While at Worth Abbey, I was looking at the paper (their only contact with the outside world) and I noticed that Patti Boyd Harrison had a photography exhibit at a funky place called The Proud Gallery in a very bohemian part of the city. I couldn't afford the pictures ($2000 was the cheapest), I got some souvenirs. Postcards from the Gallery.

My man Winston. England would probably be speaking German without him. He drank whiskey every morning and helped win the war. My man. From Chartwell, his home.

Junk Between My Ears

Tonight, we are entertaing a monk from England. Father Rod has only been to the US one other time to do a retreat just south of San Francisco (not a bad deal at all). I met with him last night at the annual school fund raiser. Seems like a nice chap but was completely unprepared to experience single digit temperatures. "It certainly takes your breath away", he said last night. It certainly does, father. I like to call it "refreshing". He seems to get the Superbowl thing, after all, you really can't get any more rabid fans than the Brits. I tried to explain as much as I could about Superbowl Sunday, but he will get here at four, so we will have to chat then.

My prediction: Colts 23 Bears 21. Sorry, Coop. I think it's Peyton's year. So, lay your bets on the Bears.

Speaking of bets, Billy Joel was talking this week about how he is placing a bet on the length of the National Anthem. Seems there is a bet for that. He said that the over/under on the length of the Anthem is 97 seconds. Billy also said he can do it in 87 seconds and will bet accordingly. So, will he place that bet or just force eveyone else to place that bet and then he gets more for coming in over? That will be interesting. I will try and remember to time it.

I was looking at my friend Cooper's blog and he has posted a survey that says that many Americans think 2007 is the year we make contact. When I was a young man growing up on the farm, my bedroom faced the southwestern sky, and I had a wide, panoramic view of the stars. Being in the middle of nowhere, on certain nights, you could see literally thousands of stars, very clearly. With the aid of a telescope, a guy could spend hours and hours plotting the stars and just looking. One winter night when I was 12, the sky was especially full of stars. I noticed someting wasn't quite right. In the lower left hand sky, three very bright lights had congregated and they were pulsating. After looking at them for about 5 minutes, I pissed my pants when they all took off in different directions. I literally thought I was having a heart attack. At twelve. I, obviously, have never forgotten that and I never will. What does it mean? I am not sure. All I know is that may life was different after that.

MORE SUPERBOWL STUFF...who's gonna show you this stuff? ME!

The Top 10 Scandals in Superbowl History. According to RADAR., not these guys. If they ever did a movie about these guys, they would call it "Punters and Kickers Gone Wild" and that's the name of the article...funny, I thought I heard it somewhere else.

The guys at "Cracked" magazine have done it again. Here's a list of the "wussiest" Superbowl halftime performances. Pretty funny.


I can't believe the time is coming as quickly as it is. I almost get a panic attack when I think my baby is getting ready to walk out the door to college. About 5 months is it. The routine of preparing for this event is breaking my heart. Forms to fill out, money to be sent and the transition to an empty nester makes me wonder where the time has went. It's incredible how fast it's going and how it continually spins faster and faster, like a carnival ride that makes you want to throw up...literally. I'm dizzy and I want to get off. But.I.can't. All of her "used to be little" friends are going all over the country. From USC to Clemson to Temple, they are breaking up that little gang of theirs. I am witnessing what we all learned in watching "The Lion King". It IS the cycle of life. But, for brief shining moment, I'd like to return to her being in fifth grade and Dad still being cool. A moment in time never to be this lifetime, anyway, maybe again in the next. I can only pray.

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