Saturday, September 01, 2007

Women In Art

Not as good as "Women In Film" but striking in its beauty.
This guy has a gift, for sure.

Friday, August 31, 2007

New Bruce Soon

"Magic" ships on October 2nd. Bruce is pissed at the radio business...

from DeelyStan: "Bruce Springsteen's first single from his new album "Magic" is called "Radio Nowhere". It is to radio what "57 Channels and Nothing On" was to TV. He seems to attack satellite radio as bland, pines for the days of DXing, decries voice tracking, asking if there is "anybody alive out there" and even seems to make reference to the train wreck in Minot ("searching for a mystery train") that was so badly handled by radio in that market (…Clear Channel owns all six commercial stations in Minot, ND. When a train derailment in the middle of the night released a frightening cloud of anhydrous ammonia, Minot police sought to notify the citizenry of the crisis. They called KCJB, the station designated as the local emergency broadcaster, but no one was home; the station was being run by computer, automatically passing along Clear Channel programming from another city). Attack radio and expect ANY airplay for that track or ANY other? Yeah Boss, lemme know how that's workin' for ya. You can download a good quality mp3 at 128k here for one week (until 9/3) or here thereafter. Clearly, you shouldn't BUY it and support this kind of blasphemy."

I am saying BUY it. If this is truly what Bruce's saying, then he is DEAD ON.

From the very first time I heard "Thunder Road" on KSHE in 1975, I knew I had heard something that was going to change my life. Then I heard "Born To Run" and it was over, game set, match. This guy doesn't write songs, he writes movies and poems. Really, listen to "Backstreets" or "Night" or "Adam Raised A Cain". All of these song have a plot, a protanganist and an antangonist.

He is the Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie of our generation.

Hey, radio doesn't play Bruce's songs anymore, so why should he be worried about getting airplay anywhere now? No one plays new songs from classic artists anymore. Did you hear the latest Paul McCartney song on the radio? Didn't think so. All of the things he brings to the forefront are things that need to be addressed and the homogenization of radio is certainly one of those things. I would try to list my top ten favorite Bruce Springsteen songs, but, that's impossible. All I know is that having seen him in concert at least 10 times, I still believe that his shows aren't concerts, they are revivals that pay homage to the church of rock and roll. He is the Billy Graham of musicians and has his finger directly on the pulse of the radio industry.

I Got A T For Texas and Some Deer For Breakfast

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Women In Film he stands clapping feverishly and screaming wildly. BRAVO!!!

ENCORE, they cry!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Cover Song That Does NOT Suck

Let me say in the beginning that I hate cover songs. I have thought they were feeble attempts to cash in on something familiar. That being said, a few have some redeeming qualities. Here is one:
First released by the Foundations in 1969,this song has been played to death on oldies radio but has remained one of my favorites. This is a version by the very lovely and talented Alison Krauss. I think she is one of the most striking women on the planet. Great song, great harmonies a wonderful rendition recorded very lovingly.

Van Halen

Chronicle Books will soon publish Van Halen: a Visual History to coincide with the band's reunion tour. I don't think I can give up my hard earned $125 to see a shell of a band. A fifteen year old bass player? Replacing Micheal Anthony? Uhhhh..I don't think so. Here's to greater days when these guys absolutely ruled. Here's my favorite DLR interview ever, from the post-punk fanzine WET: Link It was a dueling interview layout, DLR vs. Johnny Rotten. DLR won. Did you know he once trained to be a paramedic?
With that in mind, my top ten favorite Van Halen songs...

1. "Meanstreets"(Fair Warning 1981)-fuggin muhfuggin mafugga. This was as good as it ever got with these guys. Damn, what if?
2. "Mine all Mine"(OU812 1987) Full court no holds barred race to the end of the song. Great keyboard work here. Sammy kicks ass.
3. "Dreams"(5150 1986) Yeah I know, a commercial sell out, so what? The summer of 1986 was much nicer with this song on the air.
4. "Little Guitars"(Diver Down 1982) Oh, Eddie, you are so smooth, man you whipped out that solo so slick. This may have been your best work.
5. "Drop Dead Legs"(1984-1984) Nasty stuff for a guy who needed to show some chops.
6. "Feel Your Love Tonight"(Van Halen 1978)One of my favorite early songs. These guys had balls and they knew it.
7. "Light Up The Sky"(Van Halen II-1979)This is what they opened with the first time I saw them opening for Journey in 1978. Wow.
8. "Feels So Good" (OU812 1987)Great song, great lyrics, great singing.
9. "Love Walks In" (5150 1986) Nothing more than great memories with a really nice lady. Sensory addition here.
10."Can't Stop Lovin You"(Balance-1998)The only Van Halen love song acceptable

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