Saturday, October 28, 2006

Observations from the Series

Tim McCarver...shut up.

Tony La Russa has made the transformation complete to morphing into Corey Hart who wore his "Sunglasses At Night".

If you have a cell phone and you sit behind home plate, you get one free wave. Anymore than that and you look like an idiot.

Jim Leyland said he "smoked a carton of cigarettes" during the rain delay for game four. Hey Jim, that's 200 fags. It's probably not real good for you..

My favorite commercials would be...

The McGiver MasterCard commercial...
Coin collecting commercial from the US Mint...
The dude stuck in the shark tank commercial from Travellers
The Playstation 3 spot. Hell, I'm 50 and it almost made me want to go out and get one.

Sorry, John. I don't like your new song. Pretty simplistic and dumb. No matter how much airplay it gets, it will always make me think of a Chevy truck. From the East coast to the west coast..yadda yadda yadi.

The Magglio Ordonez afro was very cool. Reminded me of my hair style in high school. Or as my dad described it..."it's audubon hair, son". "Audubon hair?" "Yeah it audubon on a dog's ass."

Just my thoughts, though.

World Champion St. Louis Cardinals

Somewhere, up there is a long line of McNews (and Raleys)smiling because their beloved Cardinals have won the World Series. I come from previous generations of Cardinal fans. My mother and father spent their honeymoon at Sportsmen's Park in 1946

My sister and I would act as an antenna on the farm. We would have to touch the AM radio to pull in KMOX from St. Louis so my grandfather could listen to the game on those hot muggy nights in my youth.

On my first honeymoon, I drug my wife to the "big city" of St. Louis to see the Cardinals lose to Atlanta. I was full of awe and wonder.

Thanks, guys for an incredible ride this year, you were the highlight of my summer.
I know many other families whose Cardinal roots go back many generations.
(I didn't write about them during the series because I didn't want to jinx them. See? It worked.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Donvan McNabb heaves during a game...

Did he get sick because of the temperature or because he had to listen to Bill Maas? Either way, not good.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stuff You Don't See Everyday...

What the hell is this?

I sure picked the wrong year to quit drinking

Hey, there's room for more!

Now, that's what I call a bogey er, I mean yogi.

Rack 'em up!

Jeez,that hurts just looking at it.


Monday, October 23, 2006

So so Football Weekend

Ava 40 Buffalo 8
East Moline lost (record is now 1-8, just like the old days)
Priory loses to Burroughs
Iowa gets manhandled at Michigan
Mizzou wins 41-21
Notre Dame wins (barely)
Chiefs win (barely, they go 3-3)
Rams didn't play

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