Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ol' 55

There's another song title that fits perfectly. I am 55 today. When I was a baby, the doctors told my mother not to get too attached to me, I wouldn't be around long. I suffered from Bright's disease. I guess suffered is too big of a word, because I don't remember suffering much. I do remember peeing blood. That was the main problem, my kidneys weren't doing their job and allowed blood to seep into my urine. I remember one time in high school, after a particularly hard basketball practice, I peed blood again, but nothing after that. Then, I wasn't supposed to make it to 30. Ha ha, I fooled them all. The past five years have been the usual roller coaster ride. I remembered to keep mu hands and feet inside the ride at all times, but there have been some serious white knuckle rides. I've been fired twice in the last five years and I quit two jobs, one in a city close to my hometown. There have been illnesses and good times. Seeing my son graduated with honors from Notre Dame has been a highlight. I do remember that summer when faced with the prospect of being an empty nester really freaked me out, but so far, so good. The jaunt to Nashville was short but productive, if only to see where Johnny and June Carter Cash were buried. That's how I spent my 51st birthday, in the snow with a wonderful friend, checking out Nashville. That was the night I got a kiss from Bonnie Bramlett (I don't think I've washed my lips yet). Spent some time in Bloomington Illinois where I reconnected with a friend that I miss dearly at this time. What an eye opening experience when it came to radio. Barely got out of there with my life. Heard some lovely music in the last five years, but can't think of a better song than "Girls in Their Summer Clothes". I have seen the boss three times, two were outstanding and one was a bit disappointing. I have lost friends and relatives too numerous to count. The matriarch of the family (Queen Joanie) has passed and so has my brother in law Curtis. Far too many friends have breathed their last breath and their memories are still prominent in my mind. I am younger than I look an older than I feel. I am 7 years away from the age that my mother died and 15 years away from my father's age when he passed. I think I'm in better shape than most and need to get back to the shape I was in ten years ago. This will be done. I am looking forward to checking back in when I'm 60. Onward through the fog...cue Mr. Springsteen...

Monday, February 14, 2011

49 Bye Byes

I think I will start naming my blog posts after songs. here's the first one. I have named it 49 bye byes becasue I think Albert Pujols is done in St. Louis and I think he's going to pull a "Lebron" and split for greener pastures. I don't quite understand this. he's loved and revered in St. Louis like no other player since Stan Musial. he's a Christaion man (supposedly) who has to remember the bible passage about the whale and the eye of the needle and all that. So, I am waiting for him to say it's not about the money, which means it's all about the money.
I pulled the old Trek bike off the rack in the garage and hit the St. Louis trailways for a long bike ride. I put air in the tires and lubed up the chain with some WD-40. Where I live is very hilly and by the time I got to the trailhead, I was already thirsty. Crap. The water isn't turned on yet. I peddled down the trail going as far as I could get until the trail was so snow packed, it was dangerous to ride. Stopping to catch my breath, I realized that the wind would be against me heading home. Rut roh. My short bike ride turned into a two hour and 30 minute haul. As I pulled into the driveway, I felt like I was back in high school playing basket ball as I barfed up everything I ate earlier in the day. The oatnmeal with raisins was particularly colorful. Don't know if I've recovered yet.


I have been a fan of Muse for a few years now. It was one of those bands I got suckered into because I heard my daughter playing them over and over. Coldplay was another band who I gained respect for vicariously. At first, I thought Muse sounded like Queen, now I think they sound like Rush. Someon asked me if i thought they were the best band in the world. I couldn't begin to answer that becasue I do NOT know that much about today's music. If you would have asked me that 30 years agao, I would have given you a definitive answer. This much I know, "The Uprising" is about as timely as they come with what is happening in Egypt at this time. Interesting tidbit, the leader of Muse got Kate Hudson preggers, sounds a bit like Chris Martin and Gwentyth Paltrow, although I don't find either one very attractive. Now, if Diane Lane is interested in hanging out with an advertising director, here I am, baby, Here is "The Uprising" by Muse.

About music

Got an email from a friend who said that I haven't talked much about music lately and he's right, so I will fulfill my obligation with this post constructed while I am on my lunch hour. (I hate to waste my work time and I feel particularly strong about that. I hate it when my peeps waste their time while at work). While watching the Grammys last night, I realized how really out of touch I am with today's music. While I like some of the groups out there today (Muse is exceptional and remind me of Queen), I guess my time has come and gone. The opening tribute to Aretha was fine (Christina, what are you doing with your arms)? I was pretty much done after that. I don't get Lady Gaga, I just don't, I don't think she's talentd or has anything original to contribute, she seems to be a Madonna clone, and not a very good one at that. She made over $50 million last year, so someone likes what she does. The song of the year was a song called "Fuck You"? Really? That fact alone doesn't make me want to know much more about the current state of music.

It's also Valentine's day, which means that love songs mean so much more today. I will post about five songs that are my favorites when it comes to dealing with the feelings that none of us can express. So, in no particular order, here are some of my faves..

"I Stand In Wonder" by Joe Cocker
When I first heard this in 1986, I just froze. What an awesome love song.

"Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg
This is a true story and the woman it was written about has recently come forward saying, yes, it was true. Only two minor details were changed. One was her eye color. I don't know why this doesn't get played except at Christmas. Every time I hear it, I get misty eyed. "we tried to reach beyond the emptiness, but neither one knew how..."

"How Can I tell You I Love You" - Cat Stevens
A guitar and lyrics that stick in your heart. "wherever i am, girl, i am always walking with you, allways walking with you, but i look and you're not there..."

"Island" by Gerry Rafferty Jaw dropping talent. I cried when I heard he died. So many songs we wrote that could fit easliy into the soundtrack of my life. "...I only know that wherever you are...I want to be.."

"As The Years Go Passing By - Gary Moore I could have picked a number of singers as this song is one of the greats. I picked Gary because he just nails this " love will follow you, as the years go passing by..."

And finally, one from my heart...

"Africa" - Toto Truly from the heart, a song that makes me stop dead in my tracks even after all these years. Heard it at Walgreens the other day and I had to hear the whole thing. .."its going to take a lot to drag me away from boo, it's nothing that a hundred million men or more could ever do..."

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