Friday, May 01, 2009

Music Is The Universal Language

The one thing as humans we all share is the love of music. This video eloquently demonstrates that fact.
Thanks Jeanne

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Weekend

Wow, busy from the get go. I had a list of stuff to do that was a mile long, but got 95% finished. Mowed the yard, trimmed the hedges, shoveled up the tomato patch, got said tomatoes and planted them, cleaned out half the garage...yadda yadda. Still waiting for the genius to write an op-ed piece in the Springfield paper. I know exactly what I want to say but need to set it up and deliver in the correct manner. I figure that it will hit me at once, it always does.
Sorry to hear the news about Bea Arthur. She was 86 and pretty much finished her life doing what she wanted. "CBS Sunday Morning" featured a piece they did on her in 2001, when she did a one woman show all over the country. They way I look at it...if you are doing what you want at the age of 78 and getting paid well for it, then you rule the world. Simple as that.
Draft day come and gone. Just a way for a 24 hour sports channel to fill up live programming. Seems folks are happy with the Rams, some most folks aren't with the Chiefs. I've no idea either way but Kirkwood boy Jeremy Maclin goes to the Eagles. Good for him. Seeing men with perfectly coiffed hair get excited over young men scares me a bit but I guess it's their job.
It seems the Cardinals get hammered on Sundays. I don't know the history, but it seems to me that the boys get a licking on Sunday.

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