Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another One Hit Wonder Band

I could not tell you another song these guys have done. I do remember about 1983 and KY102 was conflicted on which way to go. The Kansas City powerhouse station cut it's teeth on REO, Van Halen, Journey and such but this "new wave" stuff out of England was now all over MTV and how do we counter that? In a move that probably was the first death nell of the station, we were forced to capitulate and play a lot of it. This one was one we may have played for a week in 1984, but something about this song rocks my world. Don't ask me why but when this came on the Ipod while running today, I had a better spring in the step.

Style Council's story


dr sardonicus said...

I've got My Ever Changing Moods and played it often back in '84. Paul Weller is a genius, IMHO.

Chicago Socialista said...

A good friend of mine was his bassist for the good part of 12 years. I saw Weller's shows in L.A. in Feb 2007 It was the best I'd ever seen him, and I've seen him in the States and in the UK.

I prefer The Style Council to The Jam, but I like solo Weller the best.

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