Saturday, February 25, 2006

Travellin Tunes Madison-Monroe-Beloit-St. Louis

On the CD player in my rented car...

Not one of their greatest but by anyone's else's standards, an awesome piece of work.

His newest hasn't clicked with me yet.

This is an old friend that I can't get tired of. Bought it after hearing it in a headshop in Moline circa 1974.

Food For Thought

I was in a conversation the other day with a friend of mine and he said he thought that if Jesus were alive today he would be a conservative due to his opposition to abortion. I am a Christian man. I have accepted the Lord and believe he is my saviour and salvation. Yes, I am also a sinner, but I believe that Jesus loves ALL of us, regardless, as long as we stand before him and accept his message. I asked my friend if he was in favor of the death penalty and he said he was. Would Jesus be? Pro-life is pro-life. He thought that Jesus also said .."an eye for an eye". I am not a biblical scholar but I thought that was an Old Testament saying, long before Jesus arrived. I think Jesus said "turn the other cheek". Jesus also said something like...(see the beatitudes comment on this post)...blessed are the poor, the meek and the down trodden for they will inherit the Earth." I think he also said something about blessing the peacemakers, too. That doesn't sound like Washington to me, does it you? Yes, I believe in protecting the unborn, but then when they are born into poverty or unfortunate circumstances, we can't abandon them then, can we? I have no answers to the question, but I think MY Jesus is a tolerant, loving God that believes in mercy, grace and forgiveness. Forgiveness...I think that's what separates Christianity from the other religions. The act of forgiving. Anyway, I don't even think Jesus would be hanging on this continent. He'd be in Africa or somewhwere hanging with the AIDS patients, this millenium's lepers. BTW, do we really believe he was fair haired with blue eyes? Please. I think he probably was a bit darker and shorter than we think and with a black beard rather than brown. More swarthy, I guess is how you would put it; maybe like this...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Travellin Tunes

From St. Louis to Wausau to Sturgeon Bay to Fond du Lac tunage....

At one time, I thought this was a great doesn't hold up well

High school days, another one that sounds dated.

What can you say, this one was his best and an absolute killer.

A classic album. Nuff said.

Rick Wakeman's first band. Mellow and sweet.

50 plus 5 days

I turned 50 on Friday. I am not sure how I feel about that. I am pleased on where and how my life has turned out so far. I have riches that no man should ever have, but then I keep thinking..why did I go to KC? St. Louis? What would have happened if I had stayed in the Quad Cities? Denver? How different would my life have been? What if I had stayed married to my first wife? Married Tammy? It boggles the mind to think how different the whole thing would have turned out. I figure I have 25 good years left. that's cool, but I remember my life 25 years ago. It seems like yesterday...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Phil's Cool Car

Phil is a co-worker of mine and he has a cool car.

Our Own Oddities

The water tower in Tipton, MO.

Junior Parent Weekend

Was this weekend at Notre Dame. A very fine celebration and an opportunity to drink alcohol with the kids. My stepson Paul is a junior at Notre Dame, so this was the weekend to go. As usual, when going to South Bend, you can expect any kind of weather. Cold, colder and coldest. Notre Dame is an awesome school. I was never a fan in football (although I did root for Digger Phelps in basketball) but these kids are stuck to each other like glue. A school where faith DOES matter and it is more than just a slogan. On Friday night, the four roomates and their families all met at Rocco's in South Bend for truly some of the best pizza I have ever eaten.
Friday night was also "beer pong" with the roomates and their parents

The local drug store can't keep a supply of solo cups in stock

Paul shows us how its done.

One of the parents gets in the game.

Paul and Mom get tough.

The "Dome" on Saturday.

Saturday was see the kids room day and do some cool orientation stuff...

Five thirty Mass was held at the Joyce Center then dinner...but Saturday night... Paul and Mom hit the floor with zest and fervor.

The Fab Four Sean, Sebastian, Micheal and Paul...ALL great kids.

Mom, Paul and stepdad.

Sunday...breakfast for how many?

I was so blessed when he came into my life and I have watched him grow up. I am so proud of him and his life. I envy where he is now and if I had ONE change in my life it would be the college environment especially in a place like Notre Dame. I am thrilled when I get to see him but somewhat saddened when I have to leave. I know that again, he has taken another step away from us, never to return. it's the way it should be and is, but I still can't help but miss him. I am SO lucky. I have three wonderful kids that will ALL graduate from college. I never, ever even dreamed that would have happened. Thanks, kids for I am eternally grateful.

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