Saturday, September 10, 2005

My favorite smells

The olfactory sense is the most powerful they say, one smell of something can send you so far back in time that you don't return until the daydream is over...
Here are some of my favorites...
1. Freshly mowed grass (reminds me of spring)
2. White Shoulders perfume (everytime I smell it, I look around to see if she's there...she's not and never will be)
3. When I go to Schnucks, sometimes I can smell the fried chicken cooking, takes me back to high school when I fried chicken for a living.
4. Lilacs (reminds me of my mom).
5. A wood stove on a winter morning...
how about you?

I Was Born In A Small Town...

As I was driving from Ottumwa Iowa to Washington Iowa (through a driving rainstorm), I passed through and around a number of "wide spots in the road" as my Dad used to call them. It got me thinking...What do people who live in places like Hedrick Iowa and Fremont and Delta, Ollie, Richland, Packwood, Eddyville do for a living? How do these really small towns survive? Do they find meaningful employment there or do they commute to somewhere else? Too much time on my hands...

Segue from hell

I heard this disastrous segue on a station in Des Moines just the other day. They went from "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross into "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol with no interruption. I thought my bag of Sun Chips and Diet Mountain Dew was going to come back up my nose. The radio station was called "My 95"..My God!

A Rite of Passage

My daughter got her drivers' license on the first try. Of course, Dad now looks somewhat like this...

...Man, what happened to the time? She was a little girl just yesterday and now..She has a great instructor so, I am proud of her and terrified at the same time.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleans

I have never been there. I applied for a job there once, but nothing ever happened. As The Pretenders would city is gone. Unbelievable and heartbreaking. The song "Heart of The Night" by Poco keeps running through my mind..

In the heart of the night
In the cool southern rain
There's a full moon in sight
Shining down on the Pontchartrain

And the river she rises
Like she used to do
She's so full of surprises
She reminds me of you
In the heart of the night

There's a nightbird singing
Right on through till the dawn
And the streets are still ringing
With people carrying on

It's been so long waiting
Just to be here again
All the time I could spend
In the heart of the night down in
New Orleans
In the heart of the night down in
New Orleans

And I trust in your love never
falling down
And I trust in your love
Just like I do in this town
never falling down

And I'm so glad to be back in
New Orleans
Please don't wake me, don't
shake me,
If this is only just a dream
It's the only place I can face
that feels so right
Below that Dixie moon and loving

In the Heart of the Night

From the "Legend" CD, which has been since 1979, one of my favorites. I am also reminded of "The City of New Orleans" written by Steve Goodman and Fats Domino's "Walkin To New Orleans" And the song that Aaron Neville sang on "Good Morning America" is called "Louisiana 1927" and it was written by Randy Newman.
God love these people, they will never get their city back. Gutwrenching to say the least.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is funny..

I can always count on my friend Jay Philpott to come up with cool stuff, this is no exeption. I found this very amusing:

Rock and Roll Thesaurusized by Christopher J. Falvey
It has come to pass an extended era from the time when I swayed and revolved,
It has come to pass an extended era from the time when I performed the leisurely walk.
Ooh, allow me to obtain it in return, allow me to obtain it in return,
Allow me to obtain it in return, little one, where I approach from.
It has come to pass an extended era, come to pass an extended era,
Ensued an extended isolated, isolated, isolated, isolated, isolated occasion. Agreed it has.

In the recent past, every one of my dilemmas gave the impression of being so distantly absent.
At the present, it seems as though they're at this time to hang about.
Oh, I accept as true the recent past.
Abruptly, I'm not partially the gentleman I used to exist as.
There's a silhouette suspended on top of me.
Oh, the recent past approached abruptly.

"My Generation"
The populace attempts to place us behind
(Discussing on the subject of my age group)
Simply since we become known
(Discussing on the subject of my age group)
Belongings they do give the impression of being dreadfully chilly
(Discussing on the subject of my age group)
I anticipate I will expire previous to when I become aged
(Discussing on the subject of my age group)
This is my age group
This is my age group, infant

"Purple Haze"
Violet mist completely in my intellect
Recently, effects simply don't give the impression of being identical
Carrying on humorously; however, I am not acquainted with the reason
Pardon me at the same time as I make out with the atmosphere
Violet mist altogether in the region of
Don't recognize if I'm approaching happy or depressed
Am I content or in desolation?
Suchlike it is, that lass placed a magic charm on top of me
Assist me
Assist me
Oh, no, no

David Brooks nails it.."A Hard Rains Gonna Fall"

David Brooks (a conservative columnist) nails it on the head with this coomentary.
"A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

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