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Pee Wee Herman/Paul Ruebens

In 1983,Pee Wee Herman was pretty much a stand up comic. He had garnered a bit of recognition and I definately knew who he has through his role as the obnoxious bell hop selling hamburgers I think in a Cheech and Chong movie called 'Nice Dreams'. It was about this time that he came through Kansas City and appeared at the Uptown Theatre. At the time, the ultimate place to play in KC. We were scheduled to do an interview in the studio at about 5;30. At 5;15 this guy shows up....

...and I asked him if I could help him thinking that he had offed the receptionist and everyone else in the building and he was looking for me about something I said. 'I'm Paul Reubens, you may know me as Pee Wee'. Unbelievable, here was a guy who didn't even resemble him, smoking a cigarette and speaking in a voice so quiet that you could barely hear him.
Once we opened the mike, he was off and running as Pee Wee. I just sat there amazed at his transformation into the character all the while looking like a guy who hadn't eaten in days. He was a very nice cat and gave me very nice seats to the Uptown.
His act consisted of him going into the crowd a lot and he came over and fucked with me a couple of times. He kept calling me RadioRandy and kept winking at me. I think he had an enjoyable interview, if I remeber right, he hung around for awhile.

Someone's Top Ten Pee Wee Herman moments....some real good stuff here.

A Video of A Drunk Squirrel

Man, this is high class entertainment, huh?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

R I P Billy Thorpe

Well, how sad is this...I have played 'Children Of The Sun' a thousand times. When I was in the Quad Cities at WXLP, I played that song. When I got to KY 102 in Kansas City, I played that song in heavy rotation. At KSHE, it was a KSHE classic.

Another great song by Billy is a song called 'In My Room' that made the cut to my Ipod.

Apparently, he was huge in his home country of Australia. Here is the TV report from 2/27.

Here is a cool video for 'Children of the Sun'. I haven't heard the song in a while and the memories were vivid. Younger days.

His official website is here.

According to Wikipedia, he returned to Australia and captured a 'rock legend' status, a sort of father figure, and apparently Oz is crushed.

alone guy food part one

Guys, if you are by yourself, there are a number of things you can cook that are easy and yummy.
Grilled cheese and fried eggs..this is a Raley masterpiece.

Get a griddle and putin it a shmush of butter or non fat spread, let melt. Take the outside of one side of a piece of bread and sop up the melted goo. Use that as the top of the sandwich and put the bottom on what's left in the pan. Put a couple of slices of cheese in between and cook on low heat. Halfway through the process use more shmushed butter or spread or PAM and crack open a couple of eggs, cooking them over easy. Both things should finish cooking at the same time. Put the eggs on top of the grilled cheese sandwich, cut open and enjoy the cooked to perfection embryoes with the bread and cheese all melted together. For a special treat and for those not watching their weight, eat your weight in BarBQ chips. It's all good. Extra points for drinking a glass of Chardonnay in a regular drinking glass. Now, that's being a Renaissance man like me.

Next up...Mac and cheese.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate number 600 than with a link to Pete Townshend's blog.
It's right here.



I am hooked on this f*(king series, bigger than a fish on a m*7herf^%king line. These c*&ks$#kers are as about as real as they can possibly f$%king get. I am at the m&*herf@#king fourth f%$king edisode. The plague has hit these c(*ks@#kers and it's starting to f%^king get real f#$king good.

Played basketball today, only one game. We lost and it sure takes awhile to get the court again. Worked out last night, also. I have dedicated myself to go kicking and screaming into old age.

I am so addicted to nuts, and my thing now is salted nuts in the shell. Any kind of nuts, it doesn't matter. cashews (or butternuts as my grandmother called them) are the worst.

Props to Melanie Balcomb, head basketball coach at Vanderbilt. She stopped by the studio and played her favorite Jethro tull songs (she's a big fan) and now I have become a fan of hers. Nice lady, good coach. Go Lady Dores.

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