Saturday, October 25, 2008

Killer Rabbit

When my daughter was at home, somehow, we got swindled into taking care of a good friend's rabbit. Female, we thought until he (it) started making claim to his territory and then we find out she is a he (sounds like a couple of famous songs). All is well until last fall when my daughter decided to go away to college and she can't take the rabbit. Shit. So, after trying to pawn off the beast to anyone who will have him, the rabbit remains in the house. Meanwhile, I've become attached to the little shit and all options of him being farmed out are now dismissed. I have dubbed him Mr. Bunny the Killer Rabbit. I know what you are thinking when I bring up "killer rabbit"...yeah, me too

or with the words, "shh we're hunting cwazy wabbits"

The cage cleaning is a pain but I kinda like the guy. Call me sentimental.. there a look of...evil?


Suz said...

lol - he's adorable! My daughter "won" a baby rabbit from a carnival years back and we had her as a pet for about 7 years. Coolest pet ever. Box trained, somewhat cuddly (on their own terms) and no noises! We kept her outside in a wooden hutch during the summer (easier for clean-up), but in the house she just roamed around. Had a harness for her too, but only managed to get it our her for a moment before she started to revolt.

2nd daughter "inherited" one from a friend who was moving and it was a completely different story: he bit, scratched, wouldn't come near anyone and nipped at you if you reached in the cage. Don't know if it was a sex thing or if he had been mistreated, but it burned us on rabbits as pets.

Good luck!

karlene's mom said...

Evil? Maybe not... "has personality" yes! ;-)

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