Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life On Mars

"Life On Mars" David Bowie with Mick Ronson

So far, I like what I see on the TV Show. The premise is a guy gets into a car accident and is transported back in time to 1973. I have always had an infatuation to get tossed backward into time and end up somewhere previously in my life. Knowing what I know now and being able to use that back then would be my version of heaven. Maybe I will in the next life, in another dimesion. How cool would that be? And hile I am screwing around on a Sunday, Here's what would be on the radio on this day in 1973.

"Photograph"-Ringo Starr, "Keep On Truckin"-Eddie Kendricks, "Top of the World"-The Carpenters, "Space Race"-Billy Preston, "Midnight Train to Georgia"-Gladys Knight, "Just You and Me"-Chicago, "I Got a Name"-Jim Croce, "The Joker"-Steve Miller, "Smokin in the Boys Room"-Brownsville Station "Show and Tell"-Al Wilson.

By what was on the radio at that time, Brenda and I were getting really serious. We were in what we thought was love. I had my GTO and was switching jobs, from pumping gas at the Owens station on 19th avenue to working the overnight shift at Miller Container Corp in Milan. I ran a corrugated press and printer overnight while the owner's son was my boss. He wanted to impress dad with his (our) performance and ran me pretty hard. We constantly broke the record for machine safety (those boxes cut the hell out my hands) and machine speed. We'd run more boxes through there in eight hours than first shift would do in nine. It was a difficult job to have while attending high school. It was also a long way from my house and I was putting a lot of miles on that GTO. I was beginning to feel very strange about where my life was heading, I really didn't have much direction and followed along with events without having much to grab onto. It was a very strange time.


Anonymous said...

check out the original on the BBC much better but I do like the American version as you get the dude from the Sopranos.

Matt said...

guess i've never seen DB so close up - didn't realize he has anisocoria - permanently unequal pupils - boy it adds to his glam-rock strangeness of the early 70's

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