Sunday, October 19, 2008

Same Old Mizzou?

While the successes have been very nice, the past two weeks in Mizzouland have reminded me of well, the past. After the beatdown in Austin yesterday, that could have been ten years ago in Lincoln, or Norman, or wherever. They didn't look like the team that went 5-0. Of course, after the 5-0 start, their level of competition has increased exponentially. The "Chase" has been called off for the Heisman and he'll be lucky to get drafted. The defense has been exposed and now it's time to get ready for the Big 12 chamionship (if they can beat Kansas) and then get smacked around again by Texas.

"You are nothing but a piece of shit" Coach Mangino of Kansas said that to a KU player on the sidelines yesterday within earshot of a microphone. Class move, coach.


dr sardonicus said...

Not same ol' Mizzou. A very good team just got beat by a great one.

karlene's mom said...

I am still a Mizzou fan...
... and still think KU's coach needs serious work (mentally, physically, etc.) He freaks me out.
... Poor Chase. I hope he can really pull something out and get back in the limelight/spotlight a bit. He's a good player.

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