Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't think much good happens in October. The skies gray, the wind chills and there's that first chill of winter that creeps into your conscience. My brother died in October, I have been fired twice in October and then's there this October, 2008. How brutal it's been. First the onslaught of the stock market news which has cost everyone of us something, some much more than others.

I had to "readjust" some salaries last week and then let go someone this week. See, we feel it too. Budgets for the future are challenging and then this week...

The matriarch of the family passed yesterday. Gladys' mother had been sick since July and "just went to sleep". Joanie was a sweetheart and somone whom I will miss deeply. Gladys and I were about 45 minutes into the relationship when the patriarch passed at age 62 from leukemia so, I never really knew Joanie while she was with G's dad. She lived alone for a time then married a wonderful man named John who really extended her life. He passed at the age of 82 a few years ago. Since then, she's been by herself again. A smoker from the age of 12, she finally gave out at the age of 76. She'd been much more than a mother in law, she's been my surrogate mom since my mother died about an hour into Gladys' and my relationship. A confidant, a friend and the last one of this generation left. Now, there's no one in my family that hails from the previous generation. Kind, considerate and a great example for me, and my family. You'll be missed old girl. Have fun with Saul, you two were one of the greatest couples ever. Time marches on.

Today is the twentieth anniversary of my mother's passing. I think about her everyday. Gone way too soon, way too fast. Her life was hard and her sacrifices many. She always made sure we had what we needed and I got my work ethic from her. She tried to escape reality as much as possible, I understand that now. She was getting older and she didn't like it. I remember one time she told me ..."all my friends are dying and I don't understand how anything works anymore, I feel I am left behind and I'm not sure I want to make sense of a world I don't understand..." How true, mom. She was a tough old broad and the time she punched out her daughter in law is one of my favorite stories of her. It's so her. Twenty years, man where did they go? Seems like yesterday, seems like thirty.

It's great to have the boy home. He looks good, strong and healthy and being of great mind and spirit. He had picked up more musical influences while in LA. One being Stevie Ray Vaughan. Very nice. We can certainly educate him here. The girl hasn't left here much, I guess the comforts of home are hard to beat in a time of crisis. We have all rallied around each other. We pray for the swift passage of time to get all of the family through this and behind them. God be praised.

I found out the October is turning into a cruel month for those in the radio business. Cumulus KC just sacked a couple of fistfulls. Namely, one of my mentors in the radio business and a guy who taught me a lot about handling people, Don Daniels. Don is one of the true great inspirations in my career and without him, I am not nearly the manager I am now. Honest, trustworthy, patient and detailed. It doesn't get any better than Don and I am saddened by his departure from this business. He is one that will be sorely missed. He just came off one of his best ratings periods ever and the reward is.... Not only Don is gone but Moffit and Frankie and a number of others. It's tough everywhere, something I don't think I have ever lived through and I lived through the seventies.

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