Monday, March 09, 2009

Videos From Saturday Night

Thanks to my reader Mike S. for posting these on Youtube.

Some highlights from Saturday night

Gary's medley before Last Chance

Gary doing "Breakout"..this is his first time on stage in 24 years.

Gary doing "Last Chance" as I turned around on this song, all of the Shooting Star wives were crying, which, in turn, made me cry.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could take credit for posting them...I'm just passing them on! Another maniac posted it.

I was there in spirit...been a fan of Shooting Star since '79. I cannot tell you how much their music means to me...I've gotten thru some trying times with Shooting Star - and I'll follow them until Van hangs it up.

Mike S - St. Louis

Wes said...

I have written about this before. They played a benefit for kids with cancer (Lamplighters) in Sedalia many moons ago....other than Charlie Daniels, one of the nicest experiences I have ever had with a band. I don't remember the manager or head roadie, if you will, but they could not have been more pleasant. I remember that during a sound check they had an amp that had broken down and I hooked them up with one of the local music shops who co-sponsored the event, they were like kids in a candy shop when someone came to their rescue, they were really thankful, concerned about their product and delivered. They played WAY more than the sandard 75/90 minute contract called for and then stayed and signed autographs as I remember. Good for them!

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