Monday, March 09, 2009

Shooting Star in The Kansas Music Hall of Fame

A few years ago, Gov. Sibelius had the idea of putting together the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Originally started with taxpayers money, the event has grown to where it can sustain itself. Held at The Liberty Theatre in downtown Lawrence this past weekend, this years event was completely sold out. * Addendum Bill Lee, the director has informed me that there have been NO taxpayer funds used to start or maintain this great tradition. Check out his comments in the comments postings. Now, I must admit, I didn't realize how big this event was going to be as there was standing room only at 7:30 when the event started. The first year Kansas, Brewer and Shipley and Mike Finnegan were inducted. there were others, but these are probably the ones you recognize. The next year it was Gene Clark (The Byrds and the New Christy Minstrels) and Melissa Etheridge. Last year, it was Marilyn Maye, Martina McBride and Pat Metheny. This year it was Larry Lingle, a former member of Frankie Valli's band and several Kansas groups; The Serfs, whose members included former Wichitan Mike Finnigan, Lee McBee, Lawrence; Danny Cox, Kansas City; The Dinks, Beloit; Shooting Star, Kansas City; Billy Spears, Lawrence; The Young Raiders, Lawrence; Jim Halsey, Independence; Bobby Poe & the Poe-Kats, Coffeyville; and The Sensational Showmen, with members from several towns.

Now, I know who Danny Cox, Lee McBee and Billy Spears were, I had seen them play, but the rest were unknowns to me. It was a great evening of entertainment.
The weekend started on Friday night with a party at The Frontier Steak House which is owned by the family of Dennis Laffoon, the keyboard player of Shooting Star. A number of radio and media people attended...
Joe Camporato, the manager of Shooting Star, a friend of mine for years and an all around nice guyThat's Dave Maygers. I used to introduce his band on stage when he played at various high schoold in Kansas City. Yes, his band (JTN) would do shows at high schools after school. That's the first time I ever heard "Switch Box Susan" played in concert ever. He's now booking bands and running stage shows. Great friend, hadn't seen him in at least fifteen years.Janet Jameson, she used to be married to Rick Bacus, who once has a band named "Morningstar", they have two songs that are "KSHE Klassics". She is now the violin player for SS. Her Janet Jameson Band was a great collections of musicians in the late 70's and 80s. Sweetheart.The two guys most responsible for my radio career. Bob Garrett, former general manager of KY102 when I was hired and the one and only Max Floyd. I love them bothTracy Wilde, former rock goddess of 105.7 The Point here in St. Louis (and my daughter's all time favorite DJ) with Bob and Max.Joe, Steve Thomas, the drummer of SS and myself. How about another maragrita?

Shooting Star playing "Flesh and Blood" on the patio at the party

Bob Garrett and Gary West, who was one of the original members and founders of Shooting Star. Gary basically hasn't been heard from or played with the band since 1986.

The concert and induction ceremony was held in a very warm Liberty Hall. The thunderstorm that passed through Lawrence that night was very refreshing and rewarding.

The Sensational Showmen who played Chicago better than Chicago can. They were great.

Lee McBee, who is one of the most under rated harp players ever.

Billy Spears and Janet, doing a little "dueling fiddles"

The Young Raiders another great horn band that nailed me to the wall with their rendition of "I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know" by Blood Sweat and Tears

Van and Janet, trying to "out do" each other as fast as they can. Great stuff

"Are you on my side? Yeah. Yeah"

"When the stranger came to town...all the people watched with wonder" Gary, first time on stage with Shooting Star in about 24 years, hands shaking, voice quivering, nailing it.

"Today may be your Last chance to believe in yourself" first singer..latest singer


Anonymous said...

Ah Randy....

Want to bring a smile to your face? Watch "Last Chance..." Can't wait to order the official DVD of the event!

Mike S - St. Louis

Bill Lee said...

While Gov. Sebelius has attended a couple of the Hall of Fame shows, and her husband is now a board member, neither of them had anything to do with the founding of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, and it has never received any tax money. Kansas legislators bailed out the sports hall of fame a couple of years ago, but it can't afford to do something like that more than once. We'd rather they build roads and schools anyway.

Bill Lee
Kansas Music Hall of Fame

Andrew said...

Thanks for the great compliment on The Sensational Showmen! However, your comment about The Young Raiders is incorrect. "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" was performed by The Sensational Showmen.

Andy Oberg
Keyboardist for
The Sensational Showmen

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure that the band that "nailed" you "to the wall" with their rendition of the BS&T classic "I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know" was not the Young Raiders ... it was the Sensational Showmen (Parsons/Pittsburg) ... you are right - they do Chicago better than Chicago!

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