Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mizzou in the Tournament

As far as sports go, March is my favorite month. Baseball is just around the corner and March madness descends on my TV. Yes, I have been watching the conference tournaments, all the way from the Big 12 to the game between Holy Cross and American (??)
I think the Big 10 is an awesome conference, but one that will get screwed by the tournament selection committee, because as far as they are concerned, you can't have enough ACC and Big East teams in. I keep hearing how the Big East is the best conference in the nation. Well, they only have 16 friggin teams in the conference, that alone should do the trick. I must admit, the 6 overtime game the other night was pure joy for a basketball fan. As much as I get tired of Jim Boehim and Jim Calhoun, they are great coaches. I just don't think that they deserve three number on seeds.
My number one seeds would be...Carolina, Louisville, Memphis and Michigan State. Number twos would be Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Missouri and Duke (as much as I hate them). Threes would be Kansas, Oklahoma,Washington and Illinois. I like Bruce Weber and hope the Illini can do some good things in the tournament. He seems like a decent guy and a team that put a huge hurt on Mizzou early in the season.
I have my concerns about Mizzou. At times, they look like the least disciplined team ever and then at times, they look like thay can run you out of the building. They have, however, come a long way since the disastrous Quinn Snyder years. Now, there is the story of a guy who f**ked up his shot at the big time. The lasting memory of him is when he left the court after another Mizzou blow out game, getting his head drenched with popcorn from an unappreciative fan. Now, the athletic department at Mizzou will have to break the bank to keep Mike Anderson. Alabama will come calling, along with others. Here's hoping Mizzou gets a number two seed and at least gets as far as the Elite 8. They have the chops to do it, but please keep Demarre Carroll from dribbling down the court. It's nice to able to root for them again.

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