Sunday, September 14, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, the roof on the old hacienda started leaking. Funny, since it was just over two years ago when it was replaced. I called our local parish guy and he came right out, talked about the shoddy workmanship and then proceded to move around some shingles and "flashes". After all that, I asked him what the charge was and he said ..."nothing, you've paid me in full with all of your years at KSHE, you were, by far, the best." How cool is that? With THE STORM coming, I was hoping the roof would hold out. For days in the midwest the approachment of THE STORM was all anyone could talk about..could be ten inches of rain in THE STORM, Gas will skyrocket, food will be rationed, all because of THE STORM. The weather predictions were dire... THE STORM came through here at 3:38am (I know because I was up), blew some stuff around, dropped about two inches of rain...then left. Jeez, I know we have to be prepared but this was to hystrionic proportions. I got the camera out today, took notice of the neighbor's tree and the damage to my tomato plants. As you can see, all is pretty well. And the roof held out, too.

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