Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football in the Show Me State

I used to be a Chiefs ticket holder when I first moved to KC. Having won $3 on a bet with my grandfather in the 1970 superbowl cemented the lifelong affection I hold for this franchise. I couldn't believe that I was living in the city of my Chiefs. That was 1979. The Chiefs pretty much stunk up the place at the time. The city's attention was turned to the young, exciting Royals. I went to every game and for fun used to count the number of people in the stands. In the early nineties, things turned around for the franchise and that led to the hiring of Marty Schottenhiemer, who was summarily disposed in Cleveland because he couldn't win the big one. In fact, when it was announced that the Chiefs had hired Marty, a letter to the Kansas City Star arrived from someone in Cleveland who said not to ever get our hopes up because Marty will eventually break our hearts. After the AFC Championship game against the Bills (which we lost) and the Championship game against the Colts (which we lost), I was convinced that was the case. My struggles with the Chiefs go far back but I have seen Joe Montana play and actually interview him becasue of my association with that team. I have had Dick Vermeil put his arm around me at a party and tell me "how glad Carole and he was that I was there." I love Dick Vermeil and even he contibuted to the can't win the big one mentality. This year, I want the Chiefs to win one. That would be great. It's going to be another long year as the dreaded and hated Raiders pasted my boys today. Took down their pants and spanked them. In front of an opening day crowd. Can't be pretty in KC. It's even worse here. The Rams are the laughing stock of the NFL. The ONLY time I have ever had even a fondness in my heart for this team was when Dick Vermeil had them. I feel they have been carpet baggers from day one. I only watched to make fun of them. Steven Jackson sits out training camp becasue he's not paid enough and promptly stinks. Bulger can't throw and the line couldn't stop me. The Chiefs may go 5-11, the Rams most surely will go no better than 4-12, they've quit already. They're done. Go Titans!

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