Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brush With Greatness..whatever one this is

It's too bad I can't enlarge this anymore. I post this not just because these are the two guys that were in The Hooters (Hootie Hoot!), but that this was the old KSHE studio in Crestwood circa late 1985. Considering what I am wearing, I think it's mid fall or so. The back wall was filled with "carts" (kids, ask your folks) that contained commercials, songs and stuff JC and the rest of us used for our shows that weren't available anywhere else. Those are home CD players you see the back of. We had one "pro model" Sony and the rest were store bought home decks. To my left is the microphone and some house plant that was kept in the studio. The clipboard was for listener requests if I remember right. If you'll look over the dark haired guys head, you'll see the wall of albums. There was a very strange filing system at KSHE that took me months to master. You really had to be on the ball, because when you went to find Glenn Frey, it could be under "F" or "E" for The Eagles. Same with Robert was very weird and one of the quirks that made working at that building one of the best times of my life. Little run down cinder block building that was cold in teh winter and hot in the summer. It sat next to the Route 66 Drive In Theatre and on any night there was a movie, there were usually a handful of people that would come by. I must admit to scoring a couple of dates that way. Hey, I was young and foolish.


Jammin John said...

I most likely enjoyed listening to the Hooters that day or was it that "day by day"...LOL. Here's the question: Are the Crestwood studios still there? I know they were set back off of Watson Rd. and I think the drive in is now gone. I was there only once to pick up a prize.

RR said...

And We Danced....the old crestwood studios are now the parking lot for the Best Buy store

dr sardonicus said...

Hey, I know what carts are! The ones in Wichita with my voice on them were erased long ago, I'm sure. I had one I kept for a souvenier, but it got ruined when our basement flooded.

There was also the window where people could hang out and talk wiht the jocks. Like Jammin' John, I was only at the old studios once, to pick up a prize. Being an east-sider, I didn't get over to Crestwood much.

By my understanding, KSHE once had one of the largest album collections of any radio station in the country. When they moved downtown, they didn't take the albums with them - way too much trouble, and they weren't playing vinyl on the air any more by that point. I heard the jocks walked off with most of the record collection. Maybe you could shed some more light on that.

RR said...

Really, we didn't have any more LPs than anyone else. Most of the "KSHE Classics" were all on cart. We did still play vinyl at Union Station. I remember the first all CD KSHE Klassics program was done from there. It was quite a big deal at the time (1986). The "biggest collection" thing was a smoke and mirrors trick. It was a healthy collection but I think KY 102 had a bigger one.

Max said...

I still have fond remembrances of the old K-SHE studios. My dad worked for a short period of time for a office cleaning company that held the contract for cleaning the building. He took me over one Saturday and I was just mesmerized. It's also the place that I got my copy of the Radio Rates & Data book (damn cool stuff for a 15 year old who was interested in radio).

I know I came by the window a couple of times during my college years. I remember your debut week on 94.7 (and your introduction to the KSHE Army at the Santana concert in 85).

You know Randy, I have said this to you before, but it was such a wonderful thing meeting you when you came down to SEMO to speak for the Radio & TV Club.

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