Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cool Songs You Never Hear

I had the jukebox to the right going today and I heard two great songs that no one ever hears

"These Are The Days Of Our Lives"-by Queen What a piece of songwriting. I got the first Queen album right when it came out (after hearing "Liar" on a late night AM radio show) in 1974 and saw them not much later than that for $1.50. Just a real sweet song and one of my top five Queen tunes (it's from "Innuendo" released in 1991). A lovely understated solo by Brian May who to this day never gets his due.

"No Surrender" by Bruce Springsteen My favorite line in the song being "..we learned more from a three minute record baby, than we ever learned in school". Hallelujah! I would place it as song number three in my all time favorite Bruce Springsteen songs. This video is testament to just how good these guys are live.

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~Beth~ said...

I can relate to this song, the 70's were great to me, I hold many memories close. I am sad for the relationships that ended, yet happy for the friendships that still remain. These lyrics hold true even though we remain just friends, there will always be a special place in my heart for you.

"Those were the days of our lives - yeah
The bad things in life were so few
Those days are all gone now but one things still true
When I look and I find
I still love you"

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