Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cool Job Opening of the Week.


Your career includes a steady sales background, but you also have some programming experience. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for a chance to put all of your skills and experience together in a place that provides an exceptional lifestyle.

How does the south gate to Yellowstone National Park sound? One of the nation's premiere resort towns with a daily postcard view of the sun setting over the Grand Tetons?

How 'bout a privately held and GROWING broadcast company? Two FM's? New facility and equipment?

What about the challenge of hiring your own staff and breaking new ground in a new territory?

We don't need a closer- we need a leader that can become a part of the community. The type of person that doesn't need "the book", but can actually create results oriented radio AND turn a profit based on those results.

If you have impeccable integrity- leadership skills- can do/will do attitude- the ability to consult with advertisers- create ideas- and the desire to live in a place that is often called "God's Country"- Then timing is of the essence.

Please email your resume, contact info, & references to
I'm just the consultant, but if you can impress me I'll put you touch with the decision makers who want to make a decision very soon.

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