Sunday, May 18, 2008

Junk in my Trunk

There's been a big kerfuffle in St. Louis about Phyllis Schlafly getting an honorary degree at Washington University in St. Louis. The commencement was yesterday morning. As she received her degree, a number of the student body and the faculty turned their backs on her. As well they should, if they don't agree with her and her stance on women's issues. My only beef is why they invited Chris "Spitball" Matthews to be the commencement speaker. Never has anyone been so unqualified.

I nailed the show tonight. I felt better about this one than I have any I can remember. It felt really good in the studio. It was uptempo, it flowed and I got some great calls and emails from around the country. It's amazing to know that people listen in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, etc. It's sometimes hard when you don't do it everyday but this one was on the money. I 'll give myself a B+. I played "I'm Your Puppet" by James and Bobby Purify, come to find out that there is no "Bobby" Purify, it was two different guys named neither Bobby or Purify.

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