Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boston and Styx

Boston and Styx are coming to St. Louis. In my career, I have probably played these two artists more than most. While I have a very long connection to Styx, (I saw them live at the Quad City Raceway in 1972 for a buck and a half) and a fond feeeling for Boston, I wonder when a group should just call it quits.
Boston is NOT Boston without Brad Delp.Styx is less Styx without Dennis DeYoung. I saw Boston at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1978 opening for Steve Miller and The Eagles. They were very good. They pretty much pulled off the stuff from the albums although I could swear there were some things that were added electronically. Who cared, we were all buzzed anywho. But when you lose one of the two most identified members of a would be like the Stones going on tour without Keith.
Good luck with all that.


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about Styx when I saw them in Peoria a couple of years ago without Dennis. A few minutes into the show, everyone was like, "Dennis Who?". Tommy Shaw and the crew rocked and the British guy who sings all the Dennis DeYoung songs handled them beautifully. Styx live with or without Dennis is still a great show!

Brian Holland said...

In my roundabout way, I think I've been saying this very same thing for years--The Who without Entwistle, Foghat without Lonesome Dave, Kiss without Frehley, Queen without Mercury...when does it all end? Boston without Brad Delp is a travesty! But, as the Tempts used to sing, "And the band played on..."

Anonymous said...

I agree that Brad WAS the sound of Boston. In fact Michael Sweet sounds more like Dennis DeYoung.

Regarding DeYoung- Styx without Dennis is still great and they rock harder than with DeYoung. Lawrence Gowan plays circles around Deyoung, but his voice isn't as rich. He sounds better singing his own tunes, which I wish Styx would add more of to their set. He's a great showman and not nearly as corny or out of step as DeYoung. Dennis is a marvelous talent, but he's NOT a rock guy anymore. He has more in common with Barry Manilow than he does with Dennis Deyoung pre Kilroy. I'm still a huge fan of his, but I think Styx made the right move.

Anonymous said...

Styx can't be called Styx without Dennis!!!!!!!!!!!! I read a article on DDY talk and found out
that all the guys voted him out!
With Dennis being left clueless!
He found out he was kicked out of the group because of a press conference Tommy and JY had!!! How cold, and what cowards, to not have the guts to say it in person! He created the group and they kick him to the curb! They owe their careers to him! Sure they would have been famous on their own, but not the incredible creation that is Styx!!!!!!!!!

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