Sunday, March 30, 2008

Basketball Jones

I can't believe that I am just about basketballed out. It's my favorite time of the year because after the tournament...opening day. I am boycotting the Cardinals this year because as a lifelong fan, I have had enough with broken promises of things that they had no intention of doing...

Ballpark Village :

and their ubiquitous greed. I won't be going to the ball park this year. I will watch them on TV but won't spend a dime in Busch Stadium. This is coming from a guy who still has his 1967 and 1968 Cardinals yearbooks neatly stashed away. I don't remember a time when the Cardinals have not been a prominent figure in the family. I won't root against them for sure but will stand on the sidelines this year and quietly be a fan.

On the other hand, the games in the tournament this weekend have pretty much sucked except today's where little Davidson almost did it. I hope they all come back to school next year. Four number one seeds make it to the final four. I have said for the past few weeks that the best teams I have seen this year were Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. UCLA and Memphis look pretty good, too. I'll take UNC over Memphis in the final...

I hope to see more of Davidson next year. They look like they could be one of the elite programs if they all stay in school. I hope that happens.

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